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APTCast | Episode 2 | APTIM’s Blueprint for Environmental Stewardship

Please enjoy APTCast, APTIM's podcast series which brings discussion and critical insight on key issues that affect the world around us, and highlights our teammates and the extraordinary work that we do.

APTIM’s Blueprint for Environmental Stewardship

In APTCast Episode 2, we discuss APTIM’s blueprint for environmental stewardship. APTIM Project Manager for Energy Efficiency Catherine Streibig hosts a forward-thinking conversation about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and APTIM’s recently published 2021 ESG Report. Joining Catherine is a panel of APTIM ESG experts: Vice President of Site Assessment and Remediation Muhammed Abdul-Shakoor, Client Program Manager for Environment and Sustainability Amy Martinez, and Vice President of Compliance and Permitting Greg Butler.


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Forward-Thinking Environmental Solutions Partner

At APTIM, the way we behave as a company is inseparable from the way that we serve our communities and clients.

We are committed to accelerating the transition towards a clean and efficient energy economy, building a sustainable future for our communities and natural world, and creating an inclusive and equitable environment that celebrates the diversity of our employees. We are governing our ESG commitment through our ESG Council, which is composed of a diverse set of leaders and employees responsible for setting and supporting an agenda for stewardship and sustainability.

APTIM provides environmental services across Government, Commercial and Industrial, and Energy markets. We understand that your business is driven by both regulatory and economic forces. That is why we have designed our environmental organization to have the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs. By collaborating with your team, we approach complex projects with creativity and state-of-the-art science and engineering.

We also offer comprehensive sustainability and energy solutions services. By working with one team to determine and realize our clients’ sustainability and energy goals, we are able to ensure all systems are working together to optimize performance. Our sustainability and energy solutions services include the following areas of support:

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