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Nuclear Decommissioning

We specialize in the safety, planning, and execution of decommissioning radiologically impacted sites, managing nuclear materials, and transporting environmental waste.

Nuclear decommissioning presents complex regulatory, public opposition, technical expertise, and radioactive waste management challenges. Additionally, aging nuclear facilities, constrained budgets, worker safety risks, and nuclear material security concerns compound the difficulties government, military, and commercial entities face when trying to safely and effectively dismantle retired nuclear sites and operations. APTIM provides the rigorous planning, licensing, engineering oversight and radiological controls required to overcome these manifold challenges.

Leading Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantlement Support

With decades of experience, APTIM offers comprehensive radiological support, consulting services, and decontamination and demolition of facilities and components contaminated with radioactive, toxic materials, and hazardous waste constituents. We understand the complex regulatory requirements and radiological risks involved with taking down active or decommissioned nuclear sites.

Our Nuclear D&D Scope

  • Detailed project planning and scoping studies
  • Stakeholder and public outreach
  • Dose and risk assessment
  • Radiological surveying and characterization
  • Reactor defueling, system stabilization, and decontamination
  • Structural engineering services for demolition and dismantlement of equipment and systems
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Hazardous material abatement and removal (asbestos, lead, mercury, PCB, etc.)
  • Waste packaging, removal, and disposal
  • Preparation of large components for shipping
  • Project management support
  • Radioactive materials licensing implementation
  • Final status surveys and compliance reporting
  • Site remediation and restoration

APTIM provides these services for power plants, ships, and industrial facilities with a focus on the protection of our clients, their communities, and the environment. We develop customized plans for every project that adhere to relevant regulations such as 10 CFR, EPA guidance, and NRC license termination rules. Safety and environmental protection are our top priorities.

Why APTIM for Your Aging Nuclear Facilities

APTIM prioritizes the incorporation of facility decommissioning safety protocols and procedures for our clients. We begin with an engineering assessment for partial or full closure, which means we determine the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to decommission, decontaminate, and demolish a facility or vessel when necessary. Initial risk assessments, detailed cost estimates, and environmental surveys all help our clients make an informed decision regarding the decontamination, demolition, and remediation of the facility. Once the decisions regarding asset disposition have been made, APTIM supports execution as the owner’s engineer, construction manager, and/or demolition contractor.

  • Proven decommissioning management experience
  • Robust radiological controls and monitoring
  • Worker safety focus and hazardous material expertise
  • Efficient techniques to minimize costs and schedule
  • Licensed waste transportation, treatment, and disposal
  • Support with licensing documentation and reporting
  • Final status survey for unrestricted site release

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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