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Energy Efficiency & Electrification

APTIM eases the complex path to improving grid reliability, sustainability, and equity through customized roadmaps, community-inclusive planning, and program implementation.

Adopting emerging energy efficient practices and technologies requires specialized expertise to balance dynamic supply and demand, secure funding for large projects, train workforces, and manage assets in shifting regulatory environments. APTIM ensures strategic planning and implementation to cost-effectively meet energy conservation commitments across generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

Program Management and Innovation Support for Utilities

Energy Efficiency
APTIM’s Energy Solutions team helps policymakers, utilities, and end-users adopt cutting-edge distributed energy resource solutions to maximize benefits across sectors. Our experts provide customized roadmaps to scale new innovations and technologies and validate grid integration and reliability.

  • Demand Response
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrids
  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Connected Devices

Demand Side Management
As administrator of more than 100 utility offerings distributing more than $75 million in annual incentives, APTIM brings extensive demand side management experience tailored to each client’s unique needs and supply chain. Our leading project management and strategic advisory services support stakeholder satisfaction from single facilities to entire enterprises.

APTIM offers deep expertise to balance reliability, affordability, and sustainability across energy systems. We collect robust data and utilize our industry experience to help utilities cost-effectively meet electrification commitments.

Optimize Your Energy Systems with APTIM

APTIM is your technical guide to innovating and managing utility assets to meet rising clean energy demands. Our customized roadmaps for adopting emerging technologies, implementing new programs, and planning with your community in mind will ease transition barriers for energy efficiency.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
APTIM recognizes that meeting your organization’s energy and climate targets is not enough; we must do so in a way that also supports its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and actions. We enlist diverse businesses, support their participation in your energy conservation programs, and lead community engagement efforts to ensure everyone has the opportunity to build a greener tomorrow.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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