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APTIM’s certified engineers get the job done right, whether it is protecting communities from rising waters, ensuring compliance to environmental and safety regulations, designing civil infrastructure to be sustainable and resilient, or maintaining the landscape.

While tackling infrastructure and technology projects, you will face tight budgets, short timelines, lack of in-house expertise, changing requirements, and regulatory constraints. Coordinating large, multi-stakeholder efforts only compounds these challenges. APTIM’s engineers can help you secure adequate funding, assemble teams with niche knowledge, manage evolving specifications, and ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Fully Integrated Professional Engineering Services

At APTIM, we serve our clients by providing technology-driven professional engineering, design, and construction services. We drive innovation and harness the best-in-class tools for better outcomes. We thrive on complexity, and we engineer for tomorrow.

APTIM has a long history of working with federal, state, local, and private customers to provide professional engineering services that adhere to structural, environmental, safety, and sustainability requirements. Our architecture and engineering licenses and capabilities are catered to Department of Defense projects around the country. Our teams are strategically located, ready to support your current and future compliance for energy efficiency and infrastructure resilience.

Our comprehensive list of engineering services supports you in building efficient, safe, and productive infrastructure. Some of our more than 70 high-level engineering services are:

The More Complex, the More Qualified We Are to Assist

With experience across more than 70 engineering disciplines—from coastal and civil infrastructure to electrical, mechanical, and process engineering—APTIM can assemble teams with niche domain knowledge to drive innovation. We leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure our solutions meet your criteria, on time and on budget. With strategic locations nationwide, licenses and capabilities tailored to major jurisdictions, and a track record serving public and private clients, APTIM thrives on complexity to engineer for tomorrow.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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