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Construction Management

With decades of experience in program management, engineering, construction safety, and quality control, we deliver seamless projects from start to finish.

Managing large construction programs poses significant challenges for federal, state, and local entities due to the complex coordination required across multiple stakeholders, tight timelines and budgets, and the need to ensure worker and public safety. Key difficulties include securing adequate funding, managing intricate regulatory requirements and permitting processes, ensuring quality workmanship by contractors, minimizing disruption to the surrounding community, and completing projects on-time while staying within budget constraints. With an ever-changing industry, entities must account for these evolving complexities and implement robust construction management practices to deliver successful outcomes.

APTIM Has a Vast Portfolio of Construction Management Solutions

Our commitment is to deliver extraordinary services by leveraging our established industry standard delivery processes, best practices, lessons learned, and proven systems. Backed by our proven planning, engineering, and construction management skills, as well as our commitment to safety, we apply our extensive industry knowledge to projects ranging from small buildouts to some of world’s largest and most complex undertakings including:

  • Facilities
  • Local infrastructure
  • Transportation (Airports, bridges, ports, rail and transit, roads, tunnels)
  • Utility transmission and distribution
  • Water and drainage (Sewer, storm water, wastewater, water main)

With our ability to offer pre-construction, construction, and post-construction support, clients can leverage our employee resource pool strategically positioned to simplify the process and contain costs for an effective solution wherever the location. This synergy of knowledge and expertise provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to each unique situation.

One-Team Approach, Results-Driven Philosophy, and Operational Excellence

At APTIM, we achieve our client’s vision and project objectives by partnering to form one project team. Every project begins by establishing a collaborative platform via open communication, transparency, and a willingness and ability to adapt to drive toward common project objectives. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet almost impossible deadlines on major, high-profile construction projects and use the following key attributes to accomplish our client’s goals:

  • Application of best practices and lessons learned
  • Integrated “team” approach by partnering with clients and other stakeholders
  • Focus on safety and performance quality
  • Robust project and construction management systems
  • Innovation driving cost and schedule performance
  • Aggressive risk management
  • Flexible alternate business and contracting strategies

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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