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Our New Headquarters

APTIM will move to The Water Campus in our hometown of Baton Rouge in December 2022.

APTIM selected The Water Campus—the nation’s first major center dedicated to the study of coastal restoration and sustainability—as the location for our headquarters because of the alignment between our missions, commitments, and work.

APTIM is a proud Louisiana company and has executed several projects that enhance the resilience of the state’s natural and built infrastructure, the economic prosperity of our communities, and the safety of our neighbors. Our presence on The Water Campus is a long-term investment in our people and purpose that will strengthen our connection to our hometown of Baton Rouge.

Surrounded by a world-class working environment, our Baton Rouge-based team will increase our collaboration with the neighboring organizations and expand upon our core environmental, sustainability, and resilience solutions.

Read the press release announcing our move here.

“We are excited to be moving to a corporate headquarters that offers our people a beautiful and state-of-the-art facility to collaborate and innovate, that strengthens the relationship with our home city, and that connects our headquarters to the river and the levee.”
- Mark Fallon, APTIM Chairman and CEO


The Water Campus is rising on 35 acres along the Mississippi next to downtown Baton Rouge. Thousands of research scientists, water management professionals, contractors, and support staff fill more than 1.6 million square feet of labs, research facilities, and commercial space. Working together, they strive to carry out their vital work in a collaborative environment—studying coastal threats, formulating theories, exchanging ideas, and cooperating further to arrive at innovative solutions that might never be possible working alone.

Please enjoy the below photo gallery of our progress to move-in day.

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