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Facility Decommissioning

APTIM provides extensive facility decommissioning services to federal, utility, and energy markets allowing us to lead the process of strategically dismantling a facility that is no longer needed. This process can be very complex, which is why we offer solutions for safety, planning, and execution.

Whether you have a nuclear facility that needs a plan for removing radioactive material from the site, or closing down a fossil fuel or industrial plant, we incorporate facility decommissioning safety protocols and procedures for you and your entire team.

APTIM’s Facility Decommissioning Capabilities

We begin with an engineering assessment for partial or full closure of your facility, which means we help you determine the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to decommission, decontaminate, and demolish your building when necessary. Our area of focus is on providing these services for power plants, ships, and industrial facilities worldwide.

Initial risk-based cost estimates for base rate justification, detailed cost estimates, and environmental surveys all help you make an informed decision regarding the demolition, remediation, and property transfer of your plant or facility.

Once you have made the decisions regarding your asset disposition, APTIM supports execution as owner’s engineer, construction manager, or demolition contractor.

Fossil Plant Decommissioning
We understand the decisions to address power plant closures are complex, difficult, and strategic to our clients’ business plans. We focus on our clients’ needs by forming a partnership that results in a safe, environmentally compliant, and value-added outcome to maximize asset value and mitigate risk to the greatest extent practical.

Our decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) services range from pre-D&D project planning and assessment through site restoration and reuse. A highly trained and experienced technical and field staff, regulatory expertise and strong industry relationships, in addition to our proven performance record, demonstrates our ability to complete any D&D project. Safety performance and environmental compliance remain core values of project planning and performance.

Industrial Plant Decommissioning
Our working knowledge of D&D project facets serve as the foundation of our services to achieve both client and regulatory objectives. The APTIM D&D team is experienced with managing the entire lifecycle of projects from initial planning and assessments through remediation and site closure. We provide the following services to our D&D clients:

  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Evaluations and assessments
  • Environmental compliance
  • Waste management
  • Asset and equipment resale/recycle management
  • Engineering
  • Construction management
  • Quality management

Nuclear Plant Decommissioning
APTIM provides comprehensive radiological support, consulting services, and D&D of structures and facilities. Our expertise includes decontamination and demolition of facilities and components contaminated with various substances, including radioactive and toxic materials and hazardous waste constituents. We provide project management support, radiological surveys, dose and risk assessment, radioactive materials licensing implementation, radioactive waste management, structural engineering services for dismantlement of equipment and systems and the preparation of large components for shipping and other ancillary activities in support of radiological decontamination and demolition.


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