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Expect the Extraordinary.


At APTIM, safety is not just a goal. It's a culture - an entire way of doing business.

A partnership between management and employees at all levels of the organization is grounded on the responsibility to identify all unsafe conditions and practices before they become an incident. All employees and subcontractors are empowered with the right to STOP WORK in situations where conditions or practices are considered unsafe.

HSE Fundemental Values



We start by holding ourselves responsible to conduct business in a safe manner and extend our commitment to safety to our coworkers and clients. If you see it, own it.



We expect employees at all levels of the organization to embrace safety as the foundation for everything we do.



All employees have the authority and obligation to stop unsafe work without the fear of retaliation or retribution.


APTIM is dedicated to fostering a culture to promote safety, the health and well-being of our employees, clients, and communities while being environmentally responsible.

  • Considering HSE in all business decisions, including contractor and vendor selection, purchasing, design, modification, construction, and operations
  • Involving employees in decision-making to identify and manage risks presented by our work and our daily lives
  • Maintaining a pro-safety culture where employees are encouraged to raise safety and quality concerns without fear of reprimand or retaliation
  • Promoting the right and responsible use of resources to benefit the communities where we work and live
  • Providing our teams with the right skills, tools, and support needed to meet our promises without compromising our values

APTIM has developed or adopted many industry health and safety best practices to assist us in managing risks, ensure strong safety performance, and to prevent incidents from occurring. A few of these tools are discussed below.

Tools and Best Practices: Elements of Success

Lessons Learned Program

  • Managed by our safety department
  • Documented lessons learned
  • Communicated to project personnel
  • Should a safety incident occur, a formal investigation is completed, the root cause identified, and contributing factors determined
  • Information is shared with project personnel during Daily Tailgate Safety Meetings, by e-mail, HSE Advisories, etc.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Daily safety meetings are held to discuss the day's activities and determine if JSAs are required for new tasks
  • Our team develops all JSAs with staff for a full understanding and personal ownership of task
  • We conduct routine self-assessments to confirm proper implementation, observe and document deficiencies, and identify and assign tracked corrective action

Daily Tailgate Safety Meetings

  • Discuss the approved scope of work
  • Review the JSAs
  • Discuss change in conditions, safety observations, or concerns
  • Attendance is mandatory and recorded


Hazards exist everywhere and so does the potential for an incident to occur. Target, the APTIM behavior-based safety program, aligns with our vision of a culture that is built around HSE and includes tools to empower the voice of every employee. The goal is a culture where we engage with one another, address the challenges before us, and agree on a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible way forward.