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Munitions Response & Removal

APTIM brings unrivaled expertise in safely locating and removing dangerous munitions from former military sites to restore land for productive reuse.

Our clients face several key challenges when trying to remediate munitions and explosives from former military sites. First, detecting and precisely locating buried ordnance over large areas can be difficult and expensive with current technologies. Second, safely removing and disposing of decades-old explosives that may be unstable poses serious risks for workers and surrounding communities. Finally, remediation projects require complex coordination between government oversight agencies, contractors, local stakeholders, and other groups to ensure work progresses smoothly according to regulations.

Trusted Capabilities for Munitions Response and Removal

APTIM has performed thousands of Military Munitions Response Program and chemical warfare materials (CWM) projects at former ranges, base realignment and closure locations, and active Department of Defense installations. This critical work supports of the military’s objective to restore facilities for other use including recycling, destruction of CWM, assessment, and disposal of recovered munitions, providing further treatment of byproducts, and identifying waste disposal facilities.

Our Solutions for Remediating Munitions and Explosives:

  • Aerial geophysics to delineate potential buried munitions
  • Advanced geophysical classification surveys
  • Chemical ammunition demilitarization
  • Chemical warfare materials sites investigation and remediation
  • Conventional ammunition demilitarization
  • Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP)
  • Range sustainment

Our highly skilled team includes an in-house staff of munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) professionals, unexploded ordnance (UXO) technicians, geophysicists, environmental scientists, and geographic information system (GIS) engineers.

We provide investigation and remediation solutions for military munitions sites containing both conventional munitions and munitions containing chemical warfare materials. APTIM does this by incorporating innovative technology with advanced instrumentation and classification techniques to investigate, analyze, and clear both land and waterborne MEC and CWM safely and effectively.

The munitions response team also maintains active military firing ranges through cleanup of munitions and other range debris and demilitarization of stockpile and non-stockpile chemical weapons.

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