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Port Engineering

For more than 60 years, APTIM has provided global port authorities with integrated port facility and equipment engineering services, developing new facilities or rehabilitating aging infrastructure for operational resilience and future growth.

The advanced age and deteriorating condition of critical infrastructure at many US ports presents daunting engineering and funding challenges for federal, state, and port agencies. With limited budgets, coordinating major rehabilitation and replacement of aged seawalls, piers, wharves, cranes, and warehouses to meet modern demands and standards is a complex undertaking requiring strategic priorities and relationships. APTIM is your port authority’s experienced partner for maintaining operations and implementing upgrades.

Specialized Engineering for Port Infrastructure and Equipment

APTIM provides comprehensive engineering services for ports led by industry experts in civil, structural, mechanical, geotechnical, and coastal engineering, as well as project and construction management. Our differentiators are an integration of engineering and coastal science capabilities and a thorough understanding of logistically complex port operations.

We manage all aspects of port infrastructure projects from design through construction for both aging, new, or upgraded resilient facilities. This includes:

  • Conceptual to detailed engineering design
  • Constructability value engineering
  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • Inspections and engineering review
  • Owner’s representation
  • Procurement and bid management
  • Project controls

Our Port Engineering Capabilities

  • Award-winning construction management services
  • Assessment and evaluation of existing dock structures and cranes
  • Bulkhead design and condition assessments
  • Coastal resilience planning and development
  • Container, bulk material, general cargo, and liquid bulk facilities
  • Crane/Equipment procurement engineering and project management
  • Crane modification/relocation engineering and project management
  • Dredging engineering
  • Engineering for accident analysis/repair and equip maintenance/upgrades
  • Environmental assessments and permitting
  • Feasibility studies and port planning
  • Material handling systems and conveyor design
  • Numerical simulations
  • Rail ferries
  • Warehouse, facility layout, and planning
  • Wharf/dock design and engineering

Team Up with APTIM’s Port Experts

APTIM is your ideal partner for federal, state, port authority, and private sector stakeholders seeking to strategically rehabilitate and upgrade outdated assets to modern standards for increased resilience. Our specialized expertise in complex port projects encompass facility and equipment design, construction management, coastal science, and more. We can tailor comprehensive port engineering solutions to your specific project requirements and constraints through an integrated team approach.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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