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Turnaround & Outage Management

APTIM's experienced turnaround and outage management teams utilize innovative processes to safely deliver high-quality, on-time execution that minimizes costly downtime for oil and gas, commercial, and industrial clients struggling with complex turnarounds and outages.

Turnarounds and outages are complex events that require extensive planning and coordination across multiple teams and vendors. Doing this in-house can be extremely demanding on client resources and distract from core operations, often leading to inefficient execution with high costs and missed deadlines. Clients struggle to effectively oversee numerous simultaneous activities while ensuring safety, quality, and minimizing downtime.

Safe and On-Time Turnaround and Outage Management

Whether an outage lasts a few hours or several months, APTIM maintains a turnaround and outage management group in the U.S., Canada, and Peru specifically designed to meet the needs of each of our client’s needs. We can rapidly mobilize a team of supervisors and craftsmen to operate under tight schedules and difficult conditions where safety, quality and schedule cannot be compromised.

Our turnaround capabilities include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • 1, Div2, and ASME vessel repairs
  • Exchanger retubes, maintenance, and bundle extraction
  • Heat treating and specialty welding for heaters, boiler tubes, and alloy piping
  • ‘R’ stamp code repairs
  • Tank repairs
  • Tower/column modifications including tray work and packing

Our integrated operations and maintenance services include:

  • API/ASME engineering and inspection
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Fabrication services (onsite and offsite)
  • Planning, coordination, and scheduling
  • Routine and on-routine maintenance
  • Reliability and integrity services
  • Small capital projects

Today’s plants often require solutions to unique challenges and APTIM is equipped to deliver results with our decades of oil and gas infrastructure expertise, as well as the latest technological advancements. Additionally, we are able to mobilize crews ranging between 5 – 750 employees with durations ranging from 1 – 90 days. Our investments in innovation and our continuous improvement processes make APTIM an ideal partner for turnarounds and outage services.

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