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Fuel Systems Engineering & Construction

At APTIM, knowledge and experience converge to make us the ideal fit for safe, reliable, and cost-effective fuel systems services from engineering and construction to maintenance and repair for our government and commercial clients and their mission-critical demands worldwide.

Today’s fuel systems managers are faced with numerous challenges when trying to balance complex safety regulations, environmental impact concerns, tight budgets, and reliability demands. Coordinating numerous stakeholders and technical requirements poses significant logistical and compliance hurdles as well. They need an industry partner with access to global resources who understands the mission critical nature of this work and can provide safe, cost-effective solutions for fuel systems.

APTIM Provides Comprehensive and Fully Integrated Fuel System Services

APTIM is a major worldwide industrial fueling contractor providing complete turn-key petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) fuel system storage and distribution services for federal and commercial clients. Our team has executed more than $1 billion in Department of Defense (DoD) fuel system construction and repair projects in 20 countries and U.S. territories worldwide.

We offer services required for the development of planning studies, inspections, assessments, designs, construction contract documents, construction phase services, training, maintenance, and other technical support primarily for military POL fueling systems projects such as fuel storage complexes, fuel distribution systems, support facilities, and associated structures, features, and elements.

Steve Schoeni, Vice President, Fuels SRM & New Construction
APTIM | Resilience & Infrastructure Solutions
Steve brings 30+ years of oil and gas industry experience to his role, where he leads an 80-member engineering team on global projects. He expertly oversees engineering, construction management, and O&M, focusing on safety, quality, and environmental standards. His strategic leadership extends across operational planning, design reviews, and client collaboration, ensuring excellence in service delivery to DOE, DOD, and commercial clients.


Our Fuel Systems Engineering and Construction Work
  • Aboveground and underground storage tanks
  • Aircraft direct fueling systems
  • API 570 (Pipe) and API 653 (Tank) Inspections and Repair
  • API 650 tank (AST) construction
  • Bulk fuel transfer pump stations
  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Containment areas
  • DOT pipelines
  • Fuel hydrant and direct fueling points
  • Fuel system controls
  • Fuel transmission and distribution pipelines
  • Leak detection and tightness testing
  • Marine facility loading/unloading arms
  • Pipe and pumping skids
  • Rail car load/off-load facilities
  • Receipt and issue filtration
  • Skid mounted systems
  • Tactical motor pools (TMP)
  • Tank and piping containment systems
  • Tank bottom replacement
  • Truck fillstands/offload systems installation
  • Type lll aircraft hydrant systems

All services provided and products developed are in accordance with applicable standards and regulations (e.g., Unified Facility Criteria, USACE Engineering Regulations and Manuals, American Petroleum Institute, Steel Tank Institute, National Fire Protection Association, DoD Fuel Standards).

APTIM also provides services for the Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair (RMMR) as well as Facilities Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM) Programs. Learn more.

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