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We build, maintain, restore, and sustain your facilities and communities for compliance and the betterment of the planet.

Our work here at APTIM is guided by sustainability and thought leadership in environmental services across all of our offerings. We provide specialized environmental services across government, commercial and industrial, and energy markets.

We understand that your business is driven by both regulatory and economic forces, and that those forces are uniquely shaped by your surrounding community. That is why we have designed our environmental organization to have the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs. By collaborating with your team, our vanguard team of researchers and field experts will help ensure your compliance and optimize projects for the betterment of our planet.

APTIM’s Comprehensive Environmental Services

We are deeply invested in providing our comprehensive environmental services when you need them most, including:

In addition, our expansive fleet of in-house heavy equipment gives us the opportunity to self-perform complex and large-scale environmental projects – to provide timely assistance to your urgent environmental needs while reducing your costs.

We Consult and Do

APTIM can deliver superior results even in the most challenging environments. We are a team led by technology with the ability to scale, delivering greater productivity and cost efficiency.

Our Winning Trifecta

  • Team of Experts
  • Culture of Safety
  • Innovative Technology

Through APTIM's environmental services, our specialists can provide groundwater sampling to identify PFAS and other emerging contaminants, which APTIM can then help to remediate.

Through APTIM's environmental services, our specialists are able to offer inspection, remediation, reuse, and closure solutions for brownfield and superfund sites, as well as abandoned wells and mines.

Through APTIM's environmental services, our specialist are able to assist with remedial investigations for federal, state, and local governments to locate and remediate munitions and hazardous materials.

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.

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