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Remediation & Technical Solutions

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APTIM provides award-winning, innovative, and integrated remediation and technical solutions to help you minimize your impact—or the impact of those before you—on the environment and surrounding communities.

Managing environmental remediation projects may bring technical limitations to site assessment and laboratory testing that prevent you from fully identifying contaminants and hazards, while complex regulations along with cultural resource management add further challenges.

APTIM’s innovative technical approaches identify risks, and our experts navigate regulations and carefully consider community and cultural impacts. We ensure that our remediation services fully restores and protects your environmental and public health.

Integrated and Industry Leading Remediation and Technical Solutions

APTIM sets the gold standard in environmental solutions, earning the top ranking among U.S. environmental contractors in site assessment and compliance by Engineering News-Record (ENR) in 2023. What sets us apart are our certified and licensed experts and laboratory operations across the US.

We assess environmental risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and create innovative remediation solutions for government, industrial, and commercial clients. Our depth of experience makes them leaders in characterizing contaminants and restoring environments to protect human health and ecological integrity.

Our 2023 ENR Rankings
  • #1 Environmental Contractors: Site Assessment and Compliance
  • #2 Environmental Contractors: Chemical and Soil Remediation
  • #2 Environmental Contractors: Nuclear Waste
  • #2 Environmental Contractors: Solid Waste
  • #3 Environmental Contractors: Hazardous Waste

Our solutions include:

Team Up with APTIM to Remediate and Restore

With top ENR rankings in multiple environmental categories, APTIM leverages certified experts, innovative technologies, and extensive experience to characterize contaminants, navigate regulations, and implement restorative solutions that protect communities and ecological health. Their expertise makes APTIM uniquely qualified to help you overcome technical limitations, regulatory burdens, and resource constraints. Team up with APTIM today for industry-leading integrated solutions to complex environmental remediation projects.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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