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Environmental & Sustainability Solutions

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APTIM is an award-winning environmental solutions firm trusted by businesses and governments to address complex sustainability, energy, and legacy contamination challenges. Our customized strategies protect your health, restore environments, and transition operations to be more equitable and sustainable.

Businesses and governments face interconnected environmental, sustainability, and energy challenges when managing legacy contamination, decommissioning old infrastructure, and working to decarbonize operations. These include properly disposing of hazardous waste, reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, minimizing waste, and ensuring equitable access to clean energy.

APTIM’s experts develop holistic strategies that protect human health and the environment while you transition to more sustainable, resilient, and decarbonized practices across facilities, supply chains, and operations. With careful planning and execution, we meet regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations while handling these complex challenges—so that you do not have to.

Safe, Equitable, and Sustainable Environments for All

For more than 30 years, APTIM has provided customers with technical experts and integrated solutions to ensure environments are restored, communities are protected, energy is saved, and waste is minimized—resulting in an equitable future for everyone to enjoy. 

Energy Transition 

We are your trusted partner in transitioning to sustainable energy. We have expertise in infrastructure improvements, incentive program administration, facility renovations, and electrification to help reduce carbon footprints.

  • Decarbonization 
  • E-Mobility 
  • Energy Efficiency & Electrification 
  • Rebate Program Management 
Nuclear Decommissioning 

APTIM provides safe, expert planning and execution of projects involving radiological decommissioning, nuclear materials management, and hazardous waste transportation. Our team has extensive experience with safely handling contaminated sites and environmental waste.

We are also able to support decommissioning projects for fossil and industrial sites.  

Remediation and Technical Solutions 

We deliver innovative, integrated environmental services to help our customers remediate and restore sites and communities. Our industry-leading services assist clients with successfully addressing their environmental challenges.

  • Applied Research & Development 
  • Coal Combustion Residuals Construction 
  • Cultural Resource Management 
  • Environmental Compliance & Consulting 
  • Laboratory & Facility Operations 
  • Munitions Response & Removal 
  • PFAS 
  • Site Assessment, Remediation & Closure 
Sustainability Solutions 

APTIM provides a comprehensive range of sustainability services to help government, commercial, industrial, and energy sector clients manage risks, cut costs, increase profits, and achieve compliance. Our tailored strategies support long-term success, whether you’re starting your sustainability journey or well on your way.

  • ESG Consulting 
  • Solid Waste Services (Emissions to Mitigation)
  • Sustainable Sport Index 
  • Waste Minimization 

Team Up with an Award-Winning Environmental Services Firm

APTIM leverages our technical expertise and passion for building a resilient, equitable world to assist you with transitioning operations to be more sustainable. Our award-winning environmental remediation, nuclear decommissioning, sustainability consulting, and energy transition teams deliver customized strategies and careful implementation to protect health, restore environments, and progress your organization confidently into a clean energy future. With APTIM as your partner, you can achieve compliance while accelerating your journey toward a sustainable, decarbonized, and socially responsible business model.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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