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Solid Waste Services

APTIM’s extensive resources and decades of experience planning and developing solid waste facilities, providing operating and maintenance services, as well as developing and operating landfill gas (LFG) systems makes us a leading choice for clients seeking solutions for their solid waste needs.

Solid waste services — including the programs and infrastructure that support waste and recycling collection, processing, and disposal — is a critical service for local governments and for commercial customers. The industry is highly-regulated and must face the challenges of an evolving legislative and policy landscape around both waste diversion and climate impacts in addition to a high standard of environmental protection. Maintaining regulatory compliance, sustaining existing essential operations, and meeting customer demands for services are vital considerations for facility owners and operators, as well as municipal planners. As one of the nation’s largest providers of integrated solid waste services, APTIM has a strong understanding of market trends and national, state, and local regulations.

APTIM’s Solid Waste Solutions: Planning and Design to Construction and Operation

  • Planning, Siting, and Permitting – APTIM provides comprehensive solid waste planning, procurement, feasibility studies and evaluations, market assessment, public involvement, and outreach and education services.
  • Environmental Compliance – APTIM provides hydrogeological investigations and assessment, air quality permitting, modeling and New Source Performance Standards Emission Guidelines/National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants compliance reporting and audits, data management and reporting, due diligence, and health and safety support services.
  • Design and Construction – We offer landfill cell and closure design, LFG well drilling and collection/flare systems installation, construction quality assurance  and certification, groundwater and LFG monitoring systems, organics management, transfer station, materials recovery and hauling facilities, waste to energy, and coal combustion residual (CCR) facilities.
  • Products and Equipment – Through our LFG Specialties Division, APTIM offers design and fabrication of LFG flaring systems, low emission flare systems, leachate evaporation systems (E-Vap®), and fuel delivery and conditioning equipment. American Plastic Pipe and Supply offers HDPE and PVC solutions for landfills, leachate, and LFG collection.
  • Leachate Evaporation (E-Vap®) – APTIM’s proprietary E-Vap® technology essentially eliminates two major landfill problems simultaneously. Fueled by methane gas provided by the landfill, an E-Vap® unit evaporates more than 90 percent of the volume of leachate processed. APTIM can provide turnkey systems for owner operations or will finance with no owner capital under a 10-year Leachate Management Services Agreement.
  • Landfill Gas-to-Energy – APTIM provides complete design-build, operations and maintenance (O&M), and owner/operator services to support landfill gas-to-energy project development. Over the past 20 years, we have developed and been the owner/operator for more than 20 beneficial use projects with energy customers ranging from industrial boilers, leachate evaporation, electric generation, and high BTU gas operations.
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance – We provide O&M services at more than 100 solid waste facilities including LFG systems for compliance and energy recovery, groundwater, and on-site leachate treatment.
  • Closure and Post-closure and Landfill End Use – We can perform landfill end-use planning/redevelopment, LFG recovery projects, cap design and closure documentation, post-closure maintenance, monitoring and reporting, and CCR facilities. We have worked on more than 40 successful landfill redevelopment projects, including multi-story office buildings, retail complexes, and such recreational end uses as golf courses, athletic complexes, and parks.

APTIM Delivers Value Through Comprehensive Solid Waste Solutions

APTIM delivers with more than 30 years of industry leadership in solid waste consulting, engineering, and equipment supply. Our depth of experience and diverse team of professionals allow us to provide turnkey services from planning and development to operation and closure to our municipal and private sector clients.

We provide a single point of responsibility for engineering, design-build construction, equipment fabrication, operations, and maintenance of a variety of environmental control and energy recovery systems, solid waste facilities, and LFG and leachate systems.

  • Longtime leading designer – We are one of the nation’s leading planners and designers of solid waste facilities, with lead roles in development or expansion of hundreds of facilities over the past 30 years – many of which continue to operate today.
  • Cutting-edge technology – Our proprietary E-Vap® is the solid waste industry’s leader in reducing leachate management costs, using methane gas produced in the landfill to evaporate over 90 percent of leachate collected.
  • Leading services and equipment provider – We are a national leader in designing and installing LFG collection systems and flares.
  • Ongoing O&M experience – We service LFG systems, groundwater wells, and gas probes, and we provide surface emissions monitoring and groundwater sampling at more than 100 landfill sites nationwide.
  • National industry experts – Through our direct involvement with industry organizations, including Solid Waste Association of North America, National Waste and Recycling Association, and Air and Waste Management Association, we help develop policies, advance innovative techniques, establish best practices across the solid waste industry, and provide training and education services.
  • Regulatory expertise – We know the regulations and the regulators in states throughout the U.S., contributing to successful permitting and compliance activities for our clients.
  • Closure and post-closure services – We turn facilities from an expense into a potential opportunity.
  • CCR management – We are an industry leader in design and construction of wet and dry pond/lagoon closures and waste impoundments for the fossil utility industry.
  • Nationwide coverage – Our solid waste services are delivered through a network of local offices across the country anchored by solid waste hubs on the West Coast and in the Midwest to provide services responsive to the needs of our clients.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

Our leadership in integrated solid waste management services and innovation in compressors, flares and E-Vap systems have made us one of the nation’s largest service providers.
- Russel Keckler

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