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Site Assessment, Remediation & Closure

APTIM is an industry leader in providing innovative, customized, and cost-effective solutions for assessing, cleaning up, and closing contaminated sites to meet compliance and closure goals.

Assessing environmental risks, cleaning up contamination, and closing sites can be an arduous process for commercial and industrial property owners due to complex regulatory requirements, aging infrastructure, and lack of financial resources. APTIM helps you navigate regulations, funding, site records, safety, and coordination amongst multiple agencies/contractors for a successful assessment, cleanup, and closure sign-off.

Effective Site Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Properties

From excavation and off-site disposal to application of any of our patented technologies, APTIM’s #1 ENR-ranked Site Assessment & Remediation team provides you with a multitude of innovative, fit-for-purpose, and cost-effective solutions to assess, remediate, and close contaminated sites. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Brownfields site due diligence, redevelopment, and planning
  • Dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) investigations
  • In-situ and ex-situ remediation
  • Landfill closure and/or landfill gas construction
  • National priorities list (Superfund) sites
  • Remedial action investigations and planning
  • Remedial process design, optimization, and site closure
  • Remedial/treatment systems operation and maintenance
  • Remediation of chlorinated solvents
  • Storage tank removal and replacement

Our Process for Site Assessment, Remediation, and Closure

APTIM’s environmental site assessments are conducted in phases starting with environmental compliance programs, environmental due diligence, and hydrogeologic investigations. Our staff perform soil and groundwater quality assessments, sensitive receptor surveys, and vapor intrusion assessments for the development of site conceptual models to support the cleanup and closure of contaminated properties.

We have an exceptional range of technical skills with specialists in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, chemistry, risk assessment, wetlands science, civil and geotechnical engineering, and GIS to support our customers and their projects.

Site Assessment and Investigation

We thoroughly assess property conditions and contamination risks to guide strategic, compliant decision-making. Our engineers leverage the latest field technology and analytical methods to investigate site soil, groundwater, soil gas, infrastructure integrity, and more while coordinating smoothly with oversight agencies. Our services include:

  • Site inspection, historical, and operation records review
  • Sampling and analysis of environmental media (soil, groundwater, soil gas, etc.)
  • Data evaluation, contaminant delineation, and reporting
  • Baseline risk assessments

Remediation and Corrective Action

Complex sites require proven remediation strategies expertly executed. We offer turnkey solutions customized to your site’s unique pollutants and challenges, with a focus on achieving cleanup objectives as efficiently as regulations allow. Trusted methods include excavation, capping, pumping and treatment systems, bioremediation, thermal processes, and more. Our remediation and corrective action services include:

  • Treatment technology evaluation and selection
  • Permitting and regulatory coordination
  • Site preparation and control installation
  • Excavation, capping, drain systems, bioremediation, etc.
  • Confirmation sampling and data evaluation
  • Progress reporting throughout remediation
  • Refining methods to achieve cleanup goals

Closure and Post-Closure Care

Successfully closing sites takes experience. We guide you through closure notifications and plans; final status surveys; compliance sampling; required long-term care, such as maintaining caps or continuing system operation/monitoring; and preparing defensive documentation to limit prolonged liability. Our closure and post-closure care services include:

  • Final status survey documentation
  • Statistical analysis of achievement of standards
  • Required long-term monitoring, maintenance, and reporting
  • Institutional controls and deed notations
  • Financial assurance mechanisms for long-term stewardship
  • Defensible documentation for limited ongoing liability
  • Site reuse planning and support

Your Trusted Partner for Environmental Remediation

We have proven experience with thousands of sites in the U.S. and across the globe. Through our completion of remedial action plans, we emphasize selecting the right technology for our projects. Using our in-house laboratories, the APTIM team has developed and patented several environmental technologies, setting us apart as leading experts in conventional and emerging remediation.


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