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APTIM is committed to accelerating the transition toward a clean and efficient energy economy, building a sustainable future for our communities and natural world, and creating an inclusive equitable environment that celebrates the diversity of our people.



At APTIM, we go to work each day knowing we are making a difference. We help policymakers, implementers, and end-users plan and execute cutting-edge, holistic solutions from a single facility to a coordinated multi-site program to maximize the benefits of emerging innovations and trends and create long-standing value. Our impact ranges from safeguarding and maintaining critical power infrastructure, helping communities recover from natural disasters, enabling our armed forces and first responders, or helping clients design meaningful ESG initiatives. These are huge responsibilities, and we take them seriously.

Thinking differently and challenging the norm is our mandate. Every day we plan for the unexpected; develop critical insights; and deliver new, innovative, and adaptive solutions. We do this by leveraging the expertise of our resident engineers; scientists; builders; economists; craft professionals; and procurement, logistics, and process specialists.

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