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Mechanical Engineering

With more than 30 years of experience, we efficiently develop and maintain complex infrastructure projects within budget and regulation constraints for government, commercial, and environmental clients.

When attempting complex engineering projects, government customers often face tight budgets and restrictions, making it difficult to acquire the necessary resources and talent. Commercial customers struggle with intense competition and short product cycles, requiring fast design turnarounds on intricate mechanical systems. Industrial customers grapple with regulations, standards compliance, equipment maintenance, and optimizing manufacturing workflows. Across sectors, APTIM provides end-to-end mechanical engineering services with solutions for your technical complexity, changing requirements, and coordination challenges over long time horizons.

Highly Specialized Mechanical Engineering Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience, APTIM provides fully integrated, comprehensive mechanical engineering solutions to a breadth of government, commercial, and industrial customers, including the US Departments of Engineering, Defense, and Transportation; Environmental Protection Agency; Federal Emergency Management Agency; Army Corps of Engineers; and transportation authorities. We specialize in tackling unique, highly complex, and challenging projects across diverse, specialized environments. APTIM thrives on complexity, leveraging our depth of expertise to manage high-risk, intricate projects from conception through execution.

Our Capabilities

  • Failure modes and effects analysis​
  • Fire protection system design ​
  • HVAC design​
  • Liquid fuels storage and distribution
  • Mechanical equipment specifications​
  • Natural gas distribution design​
  • Piping and equipment supports​
  • Plant layout and design
  • Plant maintenance design​
  • Plumbing design​
  • Process equipment design​
  • Process and utility piping​
  • Pump selection, specifications, and procurement​
  • Waste treatment technologies​
  • Wastewater treatment plants​
  • Value engineering support ​

Choose APTIM for Your Complex Mechanical Projects

Whether optimizing manufacturing workflows, meeting rigid standards compliance, navigating short product cycles, or working within tight budget constraints, APTIM delivers results. Our key differentiator is the ability to connect the dots for clients, ensuring difficult mechanical engineering initiatives are completed safely, on time, and under budget. For mission-critical mechanical engineering solutions for specialized, demanding projects, APTIM is the right team for the job.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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