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Energy Transition

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APTIM is your trusted energy partner with more than 30 years of improving infrastructure, administering incentive programs, renovating facilities, and transitioning to electrification to lower carbon footprints.

Financial and logistical challenges can hinder your journey to lowering your carbon footprint. APTIM makes your energy transition easier by managing energy conservation initiatives, such as shifting operations, renovating facilities, and integrating electric vehicles (EV) and home upgrades.

Comprehensive Energy Transition Support

APTIM provides comprehensive solutions to help clients plan and achieve their decarbonization goals.  We assist with planning, managing execution, and evaluating results of decarbonization efforts to ensure you meet your carbon reduction timelines. Learn more.

  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Strategic Energy Management
  • Green Building Design and Certification
  • Utility Coordination and Asset Transfers


We help businesses and property owners implement EV charging and e-bike infrastructure by providing assessments, product recommendations, site design and planning,  installation, and ongoing operations and maintenance. As your trusted partner, APTIM can manage the complexity of federal funding, freeing agency resources to focus on transitioning fleets and properties to electric mobility. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency and Electrification
Our energy professionals provide comprehensive energy efficiency solutions to guarantee programs succeed and deliver on their goals. This work includes program management, planning, design, implementation, and strategic consulting. We support innovation from initial concept through final implementation in residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, and government sectors. Learn more.

Rebate Program Management
APTIM leverages expertise in managing nearly $2 billion in energy rebates and helping clients reduce 8.8 billion kWh in energy usage to assist rebate program management. We enable access, compliance, and execution of funding opportunities; design customized rebate programs; ensure grant compliance; and provide integrated program delivery, quality control, budget management, and community engagement. As a trusted advisor, APTIM manages multiple simultaneous energy programs, providing the resources you need for effective program management, regardless of complexity. Learn more.

  • Home Energy Programs
  • E-Bike Programs
  • Electric Vehicle Programs
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Programs

Transition to Cleaner Energy With APTIM

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience managing nearly $2 billion in clean energy investments and supporting energy programs of many sizes and scopes, APTIM’s experts and our comprehensive energy transition services will help you feel good about your company’s operations and their impact on the planet. As part of APTIM’s commitment to building a more sustainable, resilient world for future generations, we are proud to partner with you on your transition to cleaner energy.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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