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Grants Management

APTIM's dedicated team of federal funding experts, trusted advisors, and skilled collaborators can help you identify, obtain, and manage the complex grants critical to achieving your jurisdiction's resilience and recovery goals.

Limited resources and staffing constraints can make it a struggle to find and apply for relevant federal funding. The grant application process can be complex and time-consuming, requiring expertise in federal regulations, budgeting, and project management that many smaller jurisdictions lack. Successfully administering federal grants involves stringent reporting and compliance measures that federal, state, and local agencies may find difficult to implement without additional administrative support.

APTIM’s Federal Funding Experts

Our team, which includes subject-matter experts in federal funding regulations, policies, and requirements, program management, community resilience, and engineering allows us to provide the unique service of helping clients develop and assess projects, identify funding, complete applications, and provide eligibility determinations.

  • Dedicated subject matter experts: Our grant management team of experts have worked for federal, state, and local clients and are ready to move forward to provide our support.
  • Trusted advisors: Our team members bring decades of federal grants management experience providing strategic policy advisory services against potential Office of Inspector General (OIG) audits reducing the likelihood of project de-obligations.
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders: By working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, our objective is to reduce delays, avoid appeals, and maximize/prioritize funding. In addition, several of our key staff have years of prior experience working at state and city level grant management departments.
  • Exceptional grant management software and skills: APTIM offers adept and highly engaged grant management specialists, with extensive federal grants experience including specific experience addressing the economic needs of our clients. Additionally, we provide multiple customizable, interactive database application options. These applications have proven valuable in economic recovery cost tracking and financial management.

Grants Management Process

Our process allows clients to focus on available funding streams for current and future projects. Together, with our in-house funding and eligibility specialists who have experience in accessing funds, eligibility determinations, and application writing, we are well positioned to assist our clients in accessing funds that may be available to them and maximizing funding flexibility for important projects.

Our detailed management approach is based on:

  1. Identification of Needs: To identify client needs, we discuss priorities with the client and review budgets, disaster impacts, hazard plans, and other documentation to pinpoint key recovery and resiliency projects for potential funding. These projects are cross-referenced with funding opportunities for analysis.
  2. Identification of Funding Opportunities and Eligible Projects: Once project needs are identified, we review details to match eligible projects with potential funding sources using our expertise in applicable regulations. Our team ranks funding options like FEMA, HUD, Infrastructure Bill based on eligibility, outline multiple sources per project if available, and advise how to access all opportunities.
  3. Project Assessment and Application Process: Along with identifying funding sources, we work with stakeholders to analyze project readiness and return on investment using required methods like benefit-cost analysis and a resiliency checklist. This process enables ranking projects by vulnerability to align funding with assets most in need of resilience improvements.
  4. Additional Support: Once clients are successful in being awarded funds, we can assist with grant administration and project management services to coordinate stakeholders and meet compliance requirements. Our services cover financials, policies, eligibility, environmental clearance, construction oversight, reporting, metrics, and more.

Team Up with APTIM for Your Funding Pursuits

By selecting APTIM, you have partnered with one of the most experienced turnkey grant management contractors in the world. You can be assured APTIM will assist your needs with the difficult task of long-term recovery by helping you assess economic advances, while maximizing the funds as well as other federal funding sources.

We are confident in our ability to assist our clients with managing the various funding streams, determining funding priorities, and minimizing delays when applying for funding.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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