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APTIM’s dedicated e-mobility team delivers solutions to foster convenient, reliable, affordable, and clean transportation for residents and businesses.

Without experience managing at scale, state and local governments often struggle to deliver electric transportation options to residents and businesses that are both equitable and effective. APTIM incentivizes and constructs systems for e-mobility, including electric vehicles (EV) and e-bikes, to transform your business or community.

Leading the Charge to E-Mobility

E-Bike Rebate Programs

APTIM is a leading administrator of e-bike rebate programs. Our team helps meet the demands of state and local governments while accommodating and encouraging participation across incomes, languages, and abilities through our unique process, em4all™.

Electric Vehicle Rebate Programs

Similar to our e-bike programs, APTIM supports the administration of electric vehicle rebate programs to help make the upgrade to EVs more affordable. Some of our programs encourage residents, particularly income-qualified residents, to apply for rebates by exchanging old or high-emitting vehicles for EVs.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Programs

APTIM provides end-to-end, customized EV infrastructure solutions suited to your goals through our nine-step process. Our dedicated team brings world-class EV integration capabilities across fleets, multisite expansions, charging services, grid interconnections, and parking revenue to scale more sustainable movement.

Make E-Mobility More Accessible with APTIM

With proven experience managing incentive programs and delivering turnkey electric vehicle infrastructure, APTIM can augment limited government bandwidth to drive equitable adoption of e-bikes, EVs, and charging networks. Our dedicated e-mobility team is here to make e-mobility accessible for all.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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