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Focus on Energy

For more than 10 years, APTIM has worked with FOCUS ON ENERGY® to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for Wisconsin residents and commercial clients.

Attesting to the success of this comprehensive and innovative energy efficiency program administered by APTIM, Focus on Energy has achieved the following milestones with its 2019-2022 portfolio:

  • Participating utility customers will save $3.5 billion on their energy bills over the lifetime of their installed energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.
  • Energy saved will result in $296 million in healthcare cost savings for Wisconsin residents by reducing harmful particulate emissions from power plants.
  • Activities will have created nearly 8,400 jobs between 2019 and 2044.
  • Energy savings helped to avoid 29,241,524 tons of CO2.

Project History

As administrator of the Focus on Energy program, located in Madison, Wisconsin, APTIM is responsible for overall contract management and coordination of program solutions, umbrella marketing and communication activities, utility coordination, and reporting to the Statewide Energy Efficiency and Renewables Administration and the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

APTIM has built technology infrastructures for online data collection, forecasting, content management, incentive processing, customer relationship management, and more. We are responsible for managing all facets of procurement, contracting, and compliance of subcontracted program implementers, and we facilitate coordination and collaboration between program stakeholders, including utilities, trade ally contractors, and environmental advocacy groups.

By implementing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, enhancing local infrastructure, and providing energy management services, Focus on Energy reduces Wisconsin’s reliance on coal and natural gas while creating jobs and empowering sustainable energy decisions. Through this relationship with APTIM, Focus on Energy has achieved the following:

  • Served nearly 1 million residential and 3,900 business participants in 2022
  • Provided Wisconsin more than $4 in benefits for every $1 invested
  • Saved more than 400 million kilowatt hours per year and more than 12 million therms in 2022
  • Prevented 76 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, equivalent to removing 16 million automobiles off the road, since 2011

Services Provided

  • Program Management
  • Program Execution
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainability

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