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Entergy Solutions Entergy Louisiana, LLC

APTIM serves as an administrator and implementer of the Energy Efficiency program (demand-side management) for Entergy Louisiana.

APTIM reduces Louisiana’s utility costs and coal reliance through energy efficient program implementation.

In Louisiana, APTIM serves as the administrator of Entergy Louisiana’s energy efficiency program, Entergy Solutions. Entergy Louisiana, LLC serves approximately 1.09 million electric customers in 58 parishes. In Baton Rouge, Entergy Louisiana also provides natural gas service to approximately 94,000 customers.

APTIM began serving as the third-party administrator and implementer of the Energy Efficiency (demand-side management) program for Entergy Louisiana, LLC (ELL) in 2018. ELL is governed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), specifically by the LPSC general Order No. R-31106. The team balances production across all five LPSC districts and two Entergy Louisiana service regions (ELL and EGSL). We engage Entergy’s residential, business and industrial customers.

Since 2018, APTIM has expanded portfolio offerings, including a successful manufactured homes pilot program that was subsequently approved as a permanent program. Customers of Entergy Louisiana can take advantage of programs provided by Entergy Solutions to save energy and money by paying less up front for a range of energy efficiency enhancements.

Entergy Louisiana’s Accomplishments with APTIM:

  • Achieved the two-year goal in less than 15 months for programs kicked off in October 2018
  • Completed energy efficiency improvements in 2020 and saved 48.4 MWh of electricity, 110 percent of the PY6 goal of 43.9 MWh, at an estimated levelized cost of $0.02
  • Utilized Diversified Business Enterprise subcontractors and identified local diversity suppliers for training, PPE, and energy efficiency products such as light bulbs and night lights
  • Launched ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager benchmarking initiative
  • Provided over 100 training instances, totaling over 600 man-hours, to residential and commercial trade ally contractors in 2020
  • Designed New Construction Program and Agriculture Solutions offering for 2021
  • Awarded 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award for outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy achievements 
  • Awarded 2021 Hermes Creative Gold Award for COVID-19 Pandemic Response efforts
  • Met program goals for Entergy Solutions Louisiana, saving customers over 56 million kWh hours in energy usage, respectively 
  • Awarded 2022 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award for highlighting program success and innovative marketing campaigns 
  • Awarded 2022 Hermes Creative Gold Award innovative marketing and digital advertising campaign promoting Entergy Solutions Agriculture Campaign
  • Designed and implemented Higher Education Pilot Program offering for 2022

Contract Scope/Services Provided

Residential Programs

  • A/C Solutions 
  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® 
  • Home Performance New Construction Pilot 
  • Income Qualified Solutions 
  • Manufactured Home Program 
  • Multifamily Solutions 
  • Retail Lighting and Appliance 
  • School Kits and Education 
  • Louisiana Online Marketplace 

Commercial and Industrial Programs

  • Agriculture Solutions 
  • Higher Education Pilot  
  • Commercial New Construction Pilot 
  • Large Commercial and Industrial Solutions 
  • Small Commercial Solutions 

APTIM Utility Program Administration:

APTIM plays a key role in helping utilities, residents, various industries, and government entities achieve these goals. Entergy Solutions offers programs for Entergy Louisiana customers to save energy and money by reducing the up-front cost of a variety of energy efficiency upgrades. A small portion of money received from Entergy Louisiana’s business and residential customer utility bills is allocated to fund Entergy Solutions. The program partners with participating trade allies, contractors, and retailers to help customers select and install equipment and complete energy efficiency upgrades. These partners help identify where upgrades can be made and how to maximize dollar and energy savings. For businesses, Entergy Solutions provides cash incentives for completing energy efficiency improvements to existing and new buildings.

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