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APTCast | Episode 5 | Future Proofing

Please enjoy APTCast, APTIM's podcast series which brings discussion and critical insight on key issues that affect the world around us, and highlights our teammates and the extraordinary work that we do.

APTIM Utilizes Coastal Engineering and Urban Resilience Expertise to Help “Future Proof” At-Risk Communities

On episode 5 of APTCast, join us as we discuss “future proofing” or anticipating how to manage and avoid future shocks and stresses. One critical way APTIM is developing future scenarios for its clients is by digging deeper into large datasets with innovative tools and layering relevant factors from within the different sectors of APTIM to assess conditions with a wider, more inclusive lens. Join Dr. Samantha Danchuk, Director, Coastal Ports & Marine, as she leads an engaging conversation with APTIM’s Dr. Zhifei Dong, Coastal Modeler and Sebastian Sizgoric Technical Achievement Award recipient, and Bridget Huston, APTIM’s Climate & Urban Resilience Specialist.


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More Than 30 Years of Resilience and Coastal Science Expertise

For decades, APTIM, an award-winning, nationally recognized leader in disaster recovery, coastal engineering, grants management, flood mitigation, and program management, has taken a holistic approach to resiliency, understanding that multiple systems impact the success or failure of a community victimized by storms. Our layered systems approach comes from an emergency management and mitigation perspective, coastal resiliency expertise, and building not just energy efficient communities but also safe-guarding energy sources in major disasters.

As the first private firm in the United States to implement beach restoration, APTIM is proud to offer fully integrated, multidisciplinary engineering, and scientific solutions for all sizes and types of coastal projects. We stand ready to assist communities dealing with or planning for nature- and climate-related impacts.

View our comprehensive coastal management portfolio:

The APTIM Advantage

  • Adaptable: We can support every level of an organization, from a single facility to an entire enterprise and its supply chain.
  • Collaborative: Our approach combines innovation, technology, and best practices to deliver unsurpassed outcomes for clients. Working together, we will assess clients’ operations to better understand their unique challenges and respond with fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solutions.
  • Custom Solutions: We tailor our services to our clients’ unique needs, ensuring goal achievement for their businesses, communities, and the environment.
  • Whole Systems Sustainability: We work with clients to identify opportunities and solutions by looking at the entire system, not individual operations. The result are programs that save resources, inspire innovations, and benefit the whole organization.

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