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Coastal Sciences and Engineering

APTIM’s Coastal Sciences and Engineering service is made up of a multidisciplinary coastal engineering, restoration, and marine science team specializing in all aspects of beach nourishment, shoreline protection projects, coastal erosion control, marine mapping, as well as resiliency and sea level rise work for private clients and federal, state, and local governments.

APTIM’s Coastal Sciences and Engineering professionals design and adapt our projects to client’s specific needs. Whether that includes identifying specific sand sources to engineer minimized natural resource impacts for a beach nourishment project, monitoring localized protected species or habitats, or designing innovative permeable adjustable erosion control structures, our professionals evaluate each client’s specific needs and design specialized solutions for every project.

APTIM’s Comprehensive Coastal and Marine Services

APTIM’s Coastal Sciences and Engineering service line is comprised of engineers, biologists, geologists, geophysicists, surveyors, computer aided design (CAD) professionals, and geographic information systems (GIS) specialists working with both government and private clients on beach, marsh, coastal/marine structures, and coastal science/management solutions. APTIM was the first private firm in the United States to implement beach restoration, and since 1984, has conducted more than 100 coastal engineering projects (federal & non-federal) as well as more than 45 coastal structural erosion control projects. APTIM has developed 14 Inlet Management Plans throughout Florida and are leaders in advanced numerical modeling for coastal works. APTIM has conducted more than 100 borrow area studies (identifying 500+ million cubic yards of shoreline restoration material) and has conducted more than 500 beach surveys (25,000+ profiles) to monitor coastal change conditions across the south and eastern United States. APTIM’s Coastal Sciences and Engineering service line is made up of five submarket disciplines:

  • Coastal Engineering & Modeling
  • Coastal Geology & Geophysics
  • Coastal Geomatics & Technology
  • Coastal Monitoring
  • Coastal Resilience

Turn-Key Coastal Solutions

APTIM provides full, multidisciplinary services to our clients, allowing for coastal project support across all related science and engineering disciplines from concept though to construction.

APTIM engineers and scientists evaluate client needs and begin by conceptually designing projects by working with our natural resource, geological, survey, geospatial, and engineering professionals to collect supporting data; anticipate/quantify project needs, impacts and performance metrics; coordinate with the client and project stakeholders to fully understand the project needs; and develop various conceptual innovative designs to address our client’s specific needs.

Following the conceptual design, APTIM’s professionals develop various scientific and/or engineering alternatives; evaluate the efficacy and performance of these alternatives using 3D numerical modeling and other advanced research tools; and with client, regulatory, and stakeholder involvement, select a final design alternative.

From here, our professionals work through a final project design, address all regulatory and client needs, and permit the project for construction. Once permitted, APTIM assists our clients by completing project plans and specifications, conduct construction administration services, and provide Engineer of Record services to shepherd the project to a successful completion. APTIM professionals also provide post-construction project monitoring ensuring the project is performing as designed in terms of project goals, coastal processes, and meets the reduced natural resource impacts as designed.

Finally, APTIM works with our clients to identify lessons learned from our projects to apply to enhancements for future projects and maintenance events, resulting in total project support from initial concept, through to construction and post-construction monitoring.

APTIM’s Unparalleled Multidisciplinary Experience

APTIM offers fully-integrated, multidisciplinary engineering and scientific solutions for all types of coastal projects. APTIM has extensive experience in designing beach, dune, bay shoreline, and coastal marsh protection and restoration projects.

APTIM scientists are industry leaders in identifying high quality beach/marsh restoration compatible fill resources. Our geophysicists and geologists are experts in the use of remote sensing techniques, marine geophysical data collection, processing and interpretation, and combining geomorphological mapping with geotechnical measurements to locate and define sand deposits accurately and effectively. APTIM also has wide-ranging experience in geologic data collection and management, having worked on several statewide geotechnical and geophysical databases for Louisiana, Florida, and Texas.

APTIM is a leader and major provider of hydrographic and topographic survey services in various coastal states and strives to maintain cutting edge technologies, methods, and reporting standards to our clients and regulators. APTIM has collected thousands of beach profiles over the last 36 years, including more than 9,000 line-miles of hydrographic data over the last five years.

Finally, APTIM’s professional staff is knowledgeable and experienced in compliance with federal, state, and local natural resource regulations, permitting, and monitoring. Our team of natural resource specialists is well versed in the language and requirements of U.S. environmental laws and has extensive experience monitoring endangered species, habitat, and long-term coastal project performance.

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.

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