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Keeping Up With a Dynamic Industry

The Hospitality industry is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly regulated. Hospitality spans across service industry sectors, including restaurants, hotels, and the broader tourism industry, and is a major driver of economic growth. The U.S. tourism industry alone generates more than $1 trillion in economic output each year.

Forward-thinking Hospitality companies, including hoteliers and restauranteurs, must be aware of the leading industry trends to ensure their own businesses stay competitive and relevant. As consumers show preferences for sustainable businesses, hotels and restaurants are going green in ways including eliminating single-use toiletry bottles, adding recycle bins to guestrooms, and using compostable to-go containers and utensils.

Staying ahead of the curve is not easy. Common challenges range from high employee turnover and lack of specialized staff, to high consumer demands, supply chain shortages, health and safety requirements, and mounting regulatory pressure. APTIM understands the challenges the Hospitality industry faces. With our suite of innovative tools, techniques and strategies, we support the Hospitality industry to move beyond their boundaries and focus on what matters: their guests.

APTIM’s Hospitality Services

We tailor our services to meet hospitality companies wherever they are in the hospitality life cycle so you do not have to face challenges alone. APTIM offers assistance with property acquisition, facility construction, ongoing operations, expansion, remodeling, facility closure, and property divestiture. We work with clients in the Hospitality market to address:

  • Environmental Compliance, Permitting, and Licensing (Learn More)
  • Site Assessment, Remediation, and Closure (Learn More)
  • Sustainability and Energy Solutions (Learn More)
  • Program Management and Information Management Systems (Learn More)
  • Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, and Waste Minimization (Learn More)

We Are Your Relentless Advocate

Through our 30+ years of experience, we have honed our subject matter expertise, adaptability to the changing landscape, and long-term partnerships, yielding outstanding customer satisfaction.

We understand the challenges hospitality companies face with program implementation, and we bring innovative tools, techniques, and strategies to overcome barriers and boundaries. APTIM supports two large hotel brands in their efforts toward sustainability. In addition, we serve more than two dozen major retailers and logistics companies throughout North America in the following specialty areas: Big-box, grocery, automotive, department, convenience, home improvement, pharmacy, health and beauty, brick and mortar, data centers, specialty manufacturing, home office, and the supply chain.

  • National Industry Experts: Our direct involvement with industry organizations allows us to help develop policies, advance innovative solutions, and discuss best practices.
  • Partnerships: APTIM is pleased to be partners with Green Key Global, the preferred environmental certification body designed for the hotel industry.
  • Local Presence and Experience: We offer extensive knowledge of environmental regulations at the federal, state, county, and municipal level.
  • Life Cycle Expertise: We offer services for all phases of the hospitality life cycle.
  • Client-Focused First: We leverage industry experience to provide our customers with custom solutions.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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