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Sustainable Sport Index (SSI) Report

Location/Geographic Area

20 sports venues located across the U.S. in the inaugural year (2021)


APTIM, Honeycomb Strategies, Max-R, Eco-Products

Project Description

The Sustainable Sport Index (SSI) Report is an initiative to understand the collective environmental and social impacts of the sports industry, with the goal of advancing sustainability across the industry. During the inaugural year in 2021, 20 sports venues were surveyed to gather data in areas including energy, water, waste, carbon emissions, procurement, and more. Their answers were analyzed to create the public-facing SSI Report, along with individual reports specific to each participating venue. The SSI Report delivers best practices in operations and data collection benchmarking and shares key performance indicators (KPIs) related to Resource Management, Energy and Water, Waste Management and Diversion, Carbon Management, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and more.


  • The SSI Report advances sustainability across the industry by creating a comprehensive database of environmental and social KPIs and sustainable operations
  • Spurs sustainable performance through increased adoption of industry best practices
  • Produces key findings, including:
    • Average annual energy consumption
    • Percentage of participants tracking carbon emissions
    • Average waste diversion rates

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