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“ At APTIM, our people are empowered to make a difference, not just a living.”
- Mark Fallon, CEO

The way APTIM behaves as a company and as a community is inseparable from the way that we serve our clients. What makes us unique? It all comes down to our core priorities.

  • PEOPLE: Our culture is built on being for and collaborating with one another. We follow The Collaborative Way® framework and our Commitment Compass to uphold our obligations to one another as human beings and to the communities and clients that we serve. We accomplish the extraordinary through a corporate culture built upon diversity, inclusion, and safety. 
  • PLANET: Whether it is safeguarding and maintaining critical power infrastructure, helping communities recover from natural disasters, enabling our armed forces and first responders, or helping clients design meaningful ESG initiatives, we go to work each day knowing that we are making a difference in the ecological systems in which we live and work.  
  • PROSPERITY: Thinking differently and challenging the norm is our mandate. We have assembled a team of world-class engineers, scientists, builders, economists, craft professionals, and procurement, logistics, and process experts to plan for the unexpected, develop critical insights, and deliver new, innovative, and adaptive solutions promoting the longevity of the communities we build.

Our Collaborative Way culture is guided by listening generously, speaking straight, “being for each other,” honoring commitments, acknowledging, and appreciating.

Through the Collaborative Way, we work together to harness the collective intelligence, imagination, and spirit of the APTIM team. We take pride in supporting, encouraging, and celebrating each other’s success because we know it is a win for the entire APTIM community.

“ We will always remember that each of us is a human being who deserves the ability to balance our lives inside and outside of work. Working at APTIM means never having to say sorry for being a parent, a partner, or a person. We promote decency, equity, hard work, fun, and being for each other always.”
- Mark Fallon, CEO

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