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Operations and Maintenance

APTIM performs operations, asset management, and maintenance services across a multitude of markets, including, federal, industrial, commercial, energy, utility, retail, and logistics. In doing so, we provide valuable expertise and innovation that keeps critical facilities functioning at their highest level.

APTIM’s Operations and Maintenance Capabilities

By evaluating your organization’s effectiveness and reviewing your current policies and procedures, APTIM’s operations and maintenance team uses data to bring focus to your objectives and industry best practices. Throughout the entire process, we document functional performance and provide measurable factors affecting the maintenance presently occurring within your organization. These assessments drive our data collection, which allows us to quickly identify any gaps where our team can make recommendations for improvement.

Our relationship with you is centered around a long-term partnership in which we monitor and evaluate the condition of facility assets. This results in substantial financial savings instead of unplanned reactive maintenance.

Our approach is all-encompassing; which means that we provide maintenance services around asset preservation, process maintenance, streamlining efficiency in production environments, and preventative maintenance. Our systematic approach and inspection prompt us to correct incipient failures before they occur or develop into major operational problems. Effective preventative maintenance decreases costs by extending the lifespans of structures and equipment, reducing accidents, and decreasing preventable facility downtime.

Together we deliver complete facility support to increase your operation’s efficiency and longevity.

Introducing R²AM™ – A New and Resilient Approach to a Proven Methodology for Asset Reliability

Optimal performance of industry assets is key to obtaining a return on the significant investment required to have, operate, and maintain them. Reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) analysis allows for the simulation of the asset’s entire lifetime performance to help improve uptime and throughput. With in-depth knowledge of this simulation, APTIM helps customers reach both their operational and financial goals.

With increasing natural disasters and unplanned events, you need a partner who is able to proactively help you to prepare, respond, and recover quickly when they strike. APTIM has established a strong reputation for delivering the extensive resources needed to provide full-service resiliency before, during, and after natural disasters. We work with clients and communities to assist in the preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation from hazards.

We are taking RAM to the next level. Introducing R²AM™, an improvement of the known methodology that now includes a plan for making operations more resilient. When disasters strike, industrial facilities are just as prone to damage as the surrounding communities and local infrastructure. APTIM’s strong reputation for delivering full-service resiliency allows us to help our customers prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate so that production can come in line sooner.

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.

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