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Operations and Maintenance

APTIM's full-service operations and maintenance solution fills expertise and resource gaps through customized plans leveraging advanced technologies and dedicated personnel to reduce costs, optimize assets, ensure regulatory compliance, and increase efficiency for your facilities.

Limited internal resources, lack of actionable data, expertise gaps, and inadequate tools to track and manage workflows across multiple sites can make it a struggle to efficiently coordinate and oversee complex facility operations and maintenance. This often leads to ineffective maintenance planning, missed optimizations, safety issues, and higher costs.

Streamline Facility Operations and Maintenance with APTIM

Proudly serving customers in the United States, Canada, and Peru, APTIM’s approach to facility operations and maintenance is all-encompassing; which means that we provide services around asset preservation, process maintenance, streamlining efficiency in production environments, and preventative maintenance.

Our systematic approach and inspection process prompt us to correct incipient failures before they occur or develop into major operational problems. Effective preventative maintenance decreases costs by extending the lifespans of structures and equipment, reducing accidents, and decreasing preventable facility downtime.

Together we deliver complete facility support to increase your operation’s efficiency and longevity.

APTIM Helps Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

By evaluating your organization’s effectiveness and reviewing your current policies and procedures, APTIM’s operations and maintenance team uses data to bring focus to your objectives and industry best practices. Throughout the entire process, we document functional performance and provide measurable factors affecting the maintenance presently occurring within your organization. These assessments drive our data collection, which allows us to quickly identify any gaps where our team can make recommendations for improvement.

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.

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