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Facility Maintenance

For more than 30 years, federal and commercial clients have trusted APTIM to safely manage complex oil and gas facility operations and maintenance programs in the US, Canada, and Peru.

Oil and gas facilities customers, especially those in government, face substantial challenges when it comes to overseeing extensive Construction, Operations, and Maintenance (COM) programs. The intricacies of managing such operations are compounded by stringent quality control measures, rigorous safety standards, complex program management, and environmental regulations that demand strict compliance.

APTIM is an award-winning professional solutions firm with headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the Water Campus—a center of excellence for industry-leading research on environmental resilience and sustainability. With a history of success in oil and gas and COM for both federal and commercial clients across the US, Canada, and Peru, APTIM boasts more than 30 years of integrating solutions for infrastructure resilience, environmental compliance, and emergency management. We ensure optimal program delivery, operational readiness, and lifecycle extension.

Integrated Solutions for Facility Maintenance Operations

Managing large-scale facility maintenance programs requires a partner with experience in the planning, design, engineering, and development of optimal processes and procedures; to testing, training, and implementation alongside personnel; and analysis, reporting, and adjusting for continuous improvement. APTIM simplifies operations management by providing integrated solutions that include:

Program and Construction Management: APTIM is well-equipped to oversee long-term plans, major maintenance projects, and related construction management tasks encompassing aspects like oil movement and logistics, environmental management, engineering, fabrication, installation, testing, repairs, refurbishments, safety, and security. Our efforts focus not only on maintaining efficient operations in buildings, structures, or physical systems but also on adding tangible value and prolonging their lifespan. Learn more about our program management and construction management.

Fabrication, Maintenance, and Upgrades: APTIM's engineering and maintenance experts provide advanced technologies to reduce costs, optimize assets, ensure compliance, extend the life, and increase uptime for your oil and gas operations, fuel systems, and critical facilities. We achieve this with our services for specialized fabrication services, fuel system maintenance and repairs, and reliability-centered maintenance.

Professional Engineering: We offer fully integrated, future-oriented solutions for engineering challenges in oil and gas, including long-term planning, maintenance projects, fire protection, geotechnical needs, construction management, and meticulous studies and analyses. Our expertise extends to process systems engineering, vapor pressure analyses, pipeline assurance, and configuration management.

Emergency Planning, Tests, and Exercises: Our Emergency Management team specializes in crafting comprehensive programs, underpinned by stringent adherence to regulatory mandates and operational readiness. We achieve this through robust documentation, rigorous training, and test exercises while collaborating with government agencies to meet policy and goals.

Environmental Monitoring and Management: Ranked #1 for Top Contractors in Environment: Site Assessment and Compliance in ENR’s 2023 Top 400 Sourcebook, APTIM provides comprehensive environmental compliance, consulting, site assessment, remediation, and closure solutions. We are prepared to expertly manage environmental management systems and quality assurance programs for oil and gas operations, ensuring regulatory alignment and minimizing environmental impact.

Energy Management and Utility Operations: APTIM’s Energy Transition team provides energy program management and innovation support for oil and gas facilities and utility customers. We implement cutting-edge processes for energy efficiency, analyzing power data to provide strategic recommendations to the client. This is how we showcase our commitment to resilience, sustainability, and advanced energy efficiency solutions.

Resilient Solutions for Critical Infrastructure: By utilizing our experts in emergency management, construction management, process systems, and resilience, we provide a comprehensive approach to addressing your aging oil and gas infrastructure. We assist clients with assessments of equipment and facilities, and we develop feasible action plans for emergency preparedness, repairs, replacements, refurbishments, relocations, and upgrades.

Cybersecurity: As a member of the Defense Industrial Base critical infrastructure sector, APTIM operates a robust cybersecurity program with policies, procedures, and standards aligned with industry-leading frameworks like NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171. This ensures the protection of clients' privacy and data entrusted to the company. APTIM is currently CMMC Level 2 compliant and working toward certification within the next 12 months.


APTIM’s oil and gas and COM professionals successfully manage major operations and maintenance programs by leveraging our highly specialized subject matter experts in project management, engineering, emergency planning, environmental compliance, energy efficiency, safety, and security. In doing so, we ensure our clients’ assets are resilient, structurally sound, and available at a moment’s notice. For more than 30 years, customers in the government and commercial markets have relied on APTIM to manage and monitor their critical infrastructure. Connect with us to see how we can do the same for you.

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