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Fossil Plant Decommissioning

With expertise across technical, regulatory, and stakeholder domains, we efficiently execute full-service fossil fuel facility decommissioning for government, industry, and commercial organizations.

Decommissioning fossil fuel facilities poses complex regulatory, safety, environmental, technical, cost, stakeholder, timeline, liability, and waste management challenges. Robust planning, technical capabilities, regulatory compliance, and effective project management are key to overcoming them. APTIM has the expertise in engineering, environmental science, federal and state regulations, and project management required to safely manage your hazardous materials, demolition debris, and environmental impacts while engaging stakeholders.

Fossil Plant Decommissioning and Demolition Support

As the global energy landscape shifts away from fossil fuels, many coal, oil, and gas facilities are being retired and decommissioned. APTIM has decades of experience safely decommissioning and demolishing fossil fuel infrastructure. We can handle every aspect of remediation, including designing and implementing CCR closures and restoring the land for future use.

Our Decommissioning and Demolition Process

  • Pre-Shutdown Planning: We develop a comprehensive plan addressing all aspects of permitting, hazardous material removal, demolition, and site restoration.
  • Safe Shutdown: We systematically shut down all facility operations, remove hazardous materials and waste, and disconnect utilities.
  • Environmental Remediation: We properly remove and dispose of coal ash, remediate contaminated soil and groundwater, and stabilize surface impoundments.
  • Abatement & Removal: We abate and remove asbestos, lead, PCBs, mercury, and other hazardous waste.
  • Salvage & Recycling: We identify equipment, components, and infrastructure that can be responsibly reused and recycled.
  • Demolition: We demolish the facility in a safe, controlled manner while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Site Restoration: We clear all debris, complete any final remediation, stabilize and grade the land, and replant vegetation as required.

Your Decommissioning Solutions Provider

With our full-service approach, APTIM makes the fossil plant decommissioning and demolition process efficient and worry-free. Our teams have the technical expertise and experience with environmental regulations to ensure your project is executed safely, sustainably, and cost-effectively. Let us develop the right decommissioning plan for your fossil fuel facility. Contact us today to learn more.

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