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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

From planning to implementation, APTIM provides e-Mobility solutions for state and local entities to improve their sustainability goals.

End-to-end Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Operations Solutions

Our experienced team of EV charging industry professionals work with businesses and property owners to clear confusion and lead implementation. From business and site evaluations to construction management and integrated fleet charging operations, APTIM is ready to assist our clients in transitioning to a clean and efficient energy economy.

Local and Commercial Benefits of EV Charging

  • Reduce your business’s or community’s carbon footprint
  • Future-proof your business
  • Encourage new customers
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Receive a tax credit

The global transition to electric vehicles presents one of the largest EV infrastructure opportunities ever. This opportunity lies in the charging stations EV drivers now require. EV drivers go through their daily routine, expecting to plug-in and charge at public charging stations while their vehicle is parked. They do not go somewhere to charge; they go somewhere and charge.

EV drivers now view parking spaces as places where they expect to conveniently plug-in to an EV charger and fuel their vehicle. Parking spaces are now expected to have EV chargers like they are expected to have tire stops and painted outlines. No matter your business, if you have parking, you need to consider investing in electric vehicle charging stations. The alternative: you will begin to lose EV driving customers to your competitors.

EVs cost money to fuel, creating an opportunity for your business to transition your parking from a cost center to a revenue center. Seamlessly make the transition to electric vehicle charging by leveraging the variety of federal and state level funding sources when installing an EV charging station.

APTIM’s e-Mobility Capabilities

APTIM has helped our clients save more than $7 billion in energy costs. We bring world-class project delivery expertise and can assist with design, permitting, engineering, construction, and project evaluation. Our domains of expertise include:

  • EV Fleet Integration
  • Multisite Expansion
  • EV Charging Services
  • Utility Management
  • Grant & Incentive Procurement
  • Parking Revenue Generation

Our Process

APTIM will begin by understanding your organization’s needs and goals. Our expertise in EV infrastructure and our dedicated e-Mobility team allow us to provide tailored programs of any scale. From site assessment and product recommendations to site design and construction, we work with you to assess your needs and create custom solutions. APTIM has developed a nine-step process to deliver smooth EV charging infrastructure results:

  1. Business Operational Assessment – Integrate EVs into business.
  2. On-site Infrastructure Assessment – Evaluate power and site.
  3. Product Recommendation – Provide expertise on all major brands.
  4. Site Design and Construction Planning – Deliver complete, construction-ready design.
  5. Funding Procurement – Manage rebates and incentives.
  6. Utility Upgrades and Permitting – Work with utilities to upgrade available
    power and secure construction permits.
  7. Site Construction – Prepare site for charger installation.
  8. Installation and Commissioning – Install with a certified technician.
  9. Maintenance and Operations – Provide long-term warranty and service.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.

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