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Coastal Engineering & Modeling

For more than 30 years, APTIM coastal engineers, modelers, and scientists have provided innovative and industry-leading solutions to government and commercial clients while navigating project constraints and environmental challenges.

The demand for coastal engineering and modeling expertise is growing as a result of stricter environmental regulations and increased variability in coastal conditions caused by climate change. Balancing project design constraints, permitting requirements, construction costs, and long-term maintenance needs, while also accounting for an uncertain future coastal environment, poses significant analytical and planning challenges for stakeholders seeking to build and maintain resilient coastal infrastructure.

APTIM’s Comprehensive Coastal Engineering and Modeling Capabilities

APTIM’s unique, multidisciplined team of coastal engineers, modelers, and scientists provides a fully integrated response to our clients’ needs. We have a thorough understanding of complex coastal processes and their interaction with the built environment. This allows us to provide reliable and practical solutions that are both environmentally sound and economical.

This includes work for:

  • Beach nourishment
  • Coastal resilience planning
  • Coastal structures
  • Dune restoration
  • Inlet management and navigation
  • Numerical modeling

We offer a full array of coastal engineering services from feasibility studies to design, permitting, construction management, post-construction monitoring, and disaster mitigation, response, and recovery. Our team of coastal engineers are ready to help protect and restore your communities’ coastlines with proven results and the following project phases:

  1. Conceptual design and engineering
  2. Funding assistance
  3. Site assessment and planning
  4. Permitting and approvals
  5. Construction and project management
  6. Post-construction monitoring and maintenance

APTIM’s Comprehensive Portfolio for Coastal Management

Be sure to review the other submarket disciplines that make up our full-scope coastal sciences and engineering service line:

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