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Monitoring & Assessment of Coastal Resources

Protecting coastal resources in a constantly changing environment affected by natural and anthropogenic stressors takes a collaborative approach. For more than 30 years, APTIM has supported federal, state, and local clients with in-house, comprehensive monitoring and assessment capabilities.

Coastal Resources Monitoring

Highly recognized within the scientific community, APTIM is dedicated to natural resource conservation and sustainability. This specialized team is made up of biologists, geologists, oceanographers, and geomatics surveyors, with expertise spanning across marine, freshwater, and terrestrial landscapes.

APTIM is well-versed in the language and requirements of U.S. environmental laws, regulations, and permitting. We have extensive experience monitoring endangered species, habitat, and long-term coastal project performance.

Our coastal resources monitoring team is able to support its partners in the following areas of work:

  • Agency coordination
  • Comprehensive environmental studies
  • Development and implementation of monitoring programs
  • Program and data management

Ready to Protect and Restore Your Community’s Coastlines

Our coastal scientists coordinate early in the project design process to develop environmentally sound projects that meet our clients’ needs, while keeping quality and safety as a top priority. Scientifically based resource characterization and monitoring programs, developed in conjunction with the regulatory agencies, provide the basis for verifiable and well-founded project assessments.

Below is a more specific list of our coastal resources monitoring and assessment capabilities:

  • Benthic surveys
    • Biological hardbottom monitoring and delineation of natural and artificial reefs
    • Fish surveys, including baited remote underwater video station surveys
    • Oyster habitat mapping
    • Submerged aquatic vegetation monitoring
  • Ecological profiling
  • Endangered species surveys
  • Environmental and risk assessment modeling
  • Environmental, biological, geological, and infrastructure surveying
  • Environmental resource oil spill monitoring
  • Ground water sampling
  • Hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waters
  • Hydrographic, vegetation, and soil monitoring
  • Land/water analyses
  • Marsh elevation surveys
  • Mitigation bank monitoring
  • National Environmental Policy Act documentation
  • Natural resource characterization studies
  • Phase I environmental site assessments
  • Post storm event damage assessments
  • Soil Core collection and lab analysis
  • Staff augmentation within state and local government
  • State and federal permitting
  • Water quality sampling, processing, and lab analysis
  • Wetland delineation/jurisdictional determination

APTIM Provides Comprehensive Coastal Management Services

The following submarket disciplines make up the remainder of our coastal sciences and engineering offerings:

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