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AFFF Removal and Replacement Project

APTIM completed removal of unacceptable C8 AFFF and replaced it with new MilSpec C6 AFFF at twenty DOD installations in the Southeast US. The work was funded under the US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville MEGA Contract. The sites included a mix of Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and combined use sites.

A total of ninety-six (96) tanks were drained of unacceptable AFFF and replaced with MilSpec C6 AFFF during the project. These tanks consisted of a mix of atmospheric polymer tanks, atmospheric fiberglass tanks and pressurized bladder tanks. An estimated 80,000 gallons of unacceptable AFFF were removed and disposed off-site at a designated thermal incinerator licensed treatment facility.

Services Provided

  • Mobilization of multiple teams for concurrent execution of field work at 20 bases
  • AFFF Removal and replacement with current MilSpec C6 AFFF
  • Removal and disposal of around 80,000 gallons of AFFF for thermal destruction

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