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Construction Technology

APTIM's construction technology group provides innovative, responsive solutions that leverage expert consultants, enable you to overcome challenges, and accelerate your success.

Government, commercial, and industrial customers struggle to efficiently complete complex construction and engineering projects when relying solely on traditional methods. Lacking access to advanced construction technology tools slows progress, increases cost overruns, and hampers quality control. Our cutting-edge solutions in design, planning, and analysis propel your construction and engineering initiatives forward through improved productivity, cost savings, and risk mitigation.

Consulting and Support with Innovative Construction Technology

The construction technology group provides innovative and responsive support to all phases of a project from bid through construction, including rapid emergency support for disaster relief and other significant events.​ Our support ranges from providing subject matter experts for consultation to providing detailed plans, reports, calculations, drawings, and reviews.

  • Construction, Lifting Operations, and Demolition Structural Evaluations Support
    • Consulting​
    • Evaluating temporary loads imposed on structures​
    • Performing condition assessments for existing structures
    • Performing engineering surveys​
  • Demolition Support
    • Consulting​
    • Evaluating demolition loads on the structure​
    • Performing OSHA-required engineering surveys to prevent unplanned collapse​
    • Preparation of demolition plans​
    • Providing geotechnical support during demolition
    • Reviewing and approving high-risk demolition plans​
  • Field Engineering Activities​ Support
    • Consulting​
    • Design of temporary structures or systems​
    • Geotechnical support​
    • Review of construction plans and methods​
    • Selection/design of specialty equipment
  • Lifting and Rigging Support
    • Consulting​
    • Designing below-the-hook lifting devices​
    • Designing/evaluating lifting lugs and anchors​
    • Designing temporary support structures
    • Evaluating existing structures for loads associated with lifting operations​
    • Evaluating ground bearing pressures and designing crane mats​
    • Evaluating the effects of crane loads on underground utilities​
    • Preparation of rigging plans and lift plans​
    • Reviewing and approving high-risk (critical) lift plans​
  • Modularization and Sub Assembly Planning Support
    • Constructability reviews​
    • Consulting​
    • Lifting and handling planning​
    • Review of interface requirements
    • Welding and material engineering support ​
  • Tie-Off Systems Support
    • Consulting​
    • Review of tie-off systems
    • Selection/design of tie-off systems​
  • Vessel and Tank Modifications Support
    • Constructability reviews
    • Consulting​
    • Design of temporary supports​
    • Lifting and handling planning​
    • Welding and material engineering support ​

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