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Emergency Management and Disaster Services

When a man-made or natural disaster strikes, you need a partner who can proactively respond to assist your community.

With thousands of employees in strategic locations worldwide, APTIM’s emergency management and disaster services team has established a strong reputation of providing the extensive resources and expertise needed to assist our customers in the preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation from all hazards and natural disasters.

APTIM’s Emergency Management and Disaster Services Capabilities

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as commercial businesses, face the challenge of preparing for the potential loss of life, damage to property and the environment, and economic disruption that can occur following a natural or man-made disaster. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective emergency disaster response management and services to public and private sector customers. Our performance is backed by experience, technology, innovation, and solid in-house capabilities:

  • Staff augmentation and logistics support
  • Debris monitoring and management
  • Environmental emergency response services
  • Mass care for disaster survivors (food, shelter, sanitation)
  • Alternative survivor sheltering and housing planning (FEMA STEP Program)
  • Community hazard mitigation planning

Learn more about our Disaster Resiliency and Recovery services.

No matter the location, you can count on APTIM to leverage our strong relationships with local agencies, residents, and stakeholders to deliver critical services on a moment’s notice, which in turn reduces the negative health effects for your community.

APTIM’s Program Management Expertise Offers Full-Service Approach to Disaster Response

Effectively managing the complexities of large-scale, federally-funded, or state-run emergency programs requires a team with decades of experience driving delivery efficiencies across multiple related projects, expediting completion, and minimizing schedule and cost. APTIM has a proven track record for providing these managed services to our clients. Additionally, the program management team is fortunate to have a strong veteran presence amongst its ranks, providing a valuable skillset for dealing with emergencies and disaster relief. Learn more.

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