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Installation Support Services for Fort Irwin

Location/Geographic Area

Fort Irwin, Barstow, California

Project/Contract Type

Cost Reimbursable

Award Period

11/01/2012 – Present


APTIM is the Lead Joint Venture Member of High Desert Support Services, LLC (HDSS), the entity performing the Fort Irwin contract. HDSS is a populated Joint Venture between APTIM and Vectrus. HDSS has been successfully operating the Installation Support Services contract for the past nine plus years.


The Fort Irwin installation consists of 753,537 acres (1,117 square miles) in an austere desert environment that includes Barstow-Daggett, California, which is 34 miles southwest of Fort Irwin. Since 2012 under this seven-year, $211 Million Installation Support Services Contract, HDSS has supported the installation’s 5,000 resident rotational soldiers (10 annual rotations), 5,000-member permanent party military, 7,000 family members, and 6,000 civilian workers as well as staffing fire department personnel at three locations. HDSS has supported over 80 troop rotations through the National Training Center (NTC) and implemented a number of key initiatives and performance improvements that include defining Cantonment Zones for HVAC performance, upgrading life-cycle management (LCM) through more exacting data collecting and reporting, improving personnel training safety leading to an award-winning 0.55 experience modification rate (EMR), and meeting COVID-19 hygiene contingencies through improved custodial subcontractor performance and operational changes. Each year, HDSS completes more than 16,000 service orders and 18,000 preventive maintenance actions at Fort Irwin.

Contract Scope/Services Provided

HDSS has performed Base Operations at Fort Irwin since 2012. These services include managing workshop and warehouse facilities and ensuring security of Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE), including maintaining key control; confirming inventories are accurate, conducting a 100 percent inventory within 10 days of the phase-in start date; managing 1,845 pieces of GFE valued at $12 Million; furnishing and maintaining an inventory of all supplies, equipment, facilities, and services including warehouse stock currently valued at $1.1 Million.

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