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Alameda Point Site PFAS Verification Study and Pilot Test

APTIM oversaw the installation of an in-situ, pilot-scale permeable reactive barrier designed to reduce PFAS transport to Oakland Inner Harbor, showcasing our innovative remediation technology.

As part of APTIM’s per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) research, development, and remedial investigation, we conducted studies in Alameda, California, resulting in:

  • Development and approval of the work plans, laboratory column testing, optimized design, and field injections to create a 720-foot barrier
  • Completion of all tasks within 12 months of the contract award
  • Implementation of sustainable remediation measures during the execution of this project

Project History

The US Department of the Navy commissioned this project for evaluating colloidal activated carbon (CAC) treatment of PFAS at Installation Restoration Site 14 at Alameda Point in Alameda, California. In collaboration with Bayside Engineering Construction, APTIM collected site-specific field data and developed an approach for implementing and validating CAC as a sustainable alternative for mitigating the impacts of PFAS on the Oakland Inner Harbor.

Project tasks included workplan development, continuous soil coring and geologic logging, discrete groundwater sampling, passive flux meter deployment, sampling and data interpretation, and column testing to evaluate of the adsorption capacity of the CAC and assist in barrier design. The subsequent pilot study involved design and implementation of the CAC barrier, which is currently being monitored for sequestration and subsequent reduction in mass flux of PFAS into the Oakland Inner Harbor.

Services Provided

  • Workplan development
  • Site assessment
  • Core collection, geologic logging, and groundwater sampling
  • Deployment, sampling, and data interpretation for passive flux meters
  • Laboratory column testing
  • Optimization of barrier design
  • Barrier installation oversight

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