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Expect the Extraordinary.


APTIM has been providing solutions for the oil, gas, and chemical industry for decades.

We recognize that you need an engineering, construction, and maintenance partner with the experience and commitment to solve your challenges with creative, cost-effective solutions. We’re committed to your business – our success is predicated upon yours.

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.


We can support your upstream exploration through reservoir and production fluids analysis, sample management, well-testing, and a plethora of other services



Looking downstream, we can support your distribution and retail programs – including capital improvements, new construction, facility audits, leak detection, calibration, and maintenance.  To put it simply, our teams help you mitigate risk - assuring that your products are distributed safely, on-time, and compliant with national and international standards.


Some of our most popular offerings include:


We perform total maintenance and site support services at over 70+ global sites.

Capital Construction

Full-service, turnkey construction services on projects less than $1M up to $300M. These include new facilities, expansions, retrofitting, upgrades and disaster recovery.

Outage and Turnaround Services

Over 40 turnarounds per year executed across the US and Canada, as large as 1 million man hours.

Plant Engineering

Front End (FEED) and Detailed Design, Small and Mid-Capital sized projects.

Asset Reliability

Reduce business unit cost and increase capacity of overall production.

Specialty Services Unit

Provides on call, 24/7 support for our clients.

Pipe Fabrication

Capable of providing 2,000 spools per month in pipe fabrication as well as quick turn capabilities.