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The 2022 Sustainable Sport Index Benchmarking Report is Available Now

APTIM Presents an Innovative Analysis of the Sports Industry.

APTIM has released the second annual Sustainable Sport Index (SSI) Benchmarking Report, a first-of-its-kind survey and analysis of environmental and social sustainability in the sports industry. By aggregating the survey responses of prominent professional and collegiate sport teams and venues in North America, the report presents trends, best practices, and common challenges of the industry. With a 25 percent increase in participation since 2021, the SSI Benchmarking Report is establishing long-term value to the sports industry by highlighting sustainability successes and opportunities for improvement.

“We are proud that several of our 2021 participants reported making sustainability improvements because of last year’s SSI Benchmarking Report, proof of SSI’s real-time impact,” said APTIM Director of Sustainability Monica Thilges. “The survey is a crucial activity for participants to review and improve their performance annually, but the report itself is also a meaningful read for all teams and venues who want to learn how they can begin their sustainability journey. APTIM is excited to be part of leading the way.”


The SSI survey retained 75 percent of its 2021 participants, collecting the same key performance metrics from a total of 25 participating teams and venues. These metrics include energy, waste, water, transportation, food and beverage, sponsorship, community engagement, and employee wellness. Unlike its peer publications, the SSI Benchmarking Report does not offer a certification, ranking, or award. Instead, it aims to provide support to venues and teams by sharing industry-specific best practices in sustainability and a snapshot of what peers have implemented. In many cases, this benefits the team or venue itself, as well. For example, the report shares that 48 percent of participants saw an increase in sponsorship revenue when they adopted a sustainability program.

“SSI utilizes APTIM’s expertise in technical sustainability solutions including waste, water, and energy, but more importantly our mission to innovate business strategies with the future of our communities at top of mind,” said APTIM Senior Vice President of Environmental and Energy Solutions Greg Coffman. “We thank our participants, who are dedicated to improving the impact of the sports industry on the environment and its fans, as well as our partners, Honeycomb Strategies, Max-R, and Eco-Products, who help to fuel this important work.”

This year’s SSI survey questions and themes remain largely consistent with last year’s to maximize the analysis of trends year-over-year and provide additional insights. Updates were made based on participant and subject matter expert feedback and include more information on energy and tailgating activities, as well as a new section focused on the business case for sustainability. In addition to the SSI Benchmarking Report, each survey respondent receives a confidential report that compares their responses to the anonymized, aggregated data. Committed to their sustainability goals, several participants have invited APTIM into their venues for an energy, waste, and water assessment to help inform their plans to reduce their footprint and improve the fan and partner experience.

SSI aims to further engage the professional, minor league, and collegiate sports industries, increasing participation—and its data set—every year. Click here for more information and learn how to participate in 2023.


Meredith McCurdy
Marketing Strategy Director, Sustainable Sport Index

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