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Hauling Your Way Through Senate Bill 1383: How to Navigate Hauler Responsibilities for Organics Diversion

Are your jurisdiction’s Senate Bill 1383 tasks burdening your hauling operations and damaging your reputation?

Fines for California’s Senate Bill (SB) 1383 non-compliance begin Jan. 1, 2024. At this point, most jurisdictions still have not enforced regulatory requirements onto generators. As a material hauler for landfills, recycling, or organics, you may feel a strain on your day-to-day operations while compliance challenges compound in such a fast-paced environment.

Internal Hiring to Support Regulatory Compliance

To tackle this issue, additional staffing may be required to walk in the front door of non-compliant businesses or multifamily complexes and address educational gaps head on. Efforts may include:

  • Providing information on best practices
  • Supplying interior collection containers
  • Coordinating service changes
  • Submitting waiver applications and providing related follow-ups

Additionally, SB 1383 yearly route reviews require a surprising number of boots on the ground to conduct facility waste characterizations studies and walk each route ahead of trucks for inspecting, tagging and documenting contaminated bins, as well as educating residential and commercial locations on regulatory requirements.

Seeking Additional Support to Ensure Compliance

CalRecycle regulators and service jurisdictions will not accept non-complying generators and incomplete route reviews. At the same time, SB 1383 compliance and monitoring requires substantial time, money, and labor, which your hauling business may not have the bandwidth to provide. Given our long history of working with waste haulers, APTIM understands how easy it is to become buried in day-to-day tasks required to run your business, which can create risks for compliance with new and continuously evolving policies.

APTIM can help you not only comply but successfully get ahead of the legislative curve. We provide rapid response boots-on-the-ground teams needed to bring generators into compliance, so you can carry on tending to your most immediate needs. Our subject matter experts have a clear understanding of policy goals and auditing strategies used to assess compliance. We also partner with compliance software experts to manage and update tracking data in real-time. Learn more about our waste minimization service offerings.

Patti Toews
Sustainability and Waste Minimization Business Leader

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