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Environmental Management Information Systems For Retail Compliance

For national retail and logistics companies, environmental management information systems (EMIS) solutions provide the backbone for a mature environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance program.

How to Ace Inspections and Manage Risks

Environmental compliance is an increasingly complex topic for the retail industry. Nowadays, companies are required to adapt to limited staff and resources, general inspection concerns, and overwhelming data tracking spreadsheets. This can lead to uncertainty and risk in your operations, which detracts from company progress. APTIM co-hosted a webinar with cority to discuss how to use environmental management information systems to mitigate these risks and improve compliance tracking. Cority is a leading provider of EHS software, utilizing a comprehensive, human-centered, and secure SaaS platform to help workers and businesses thrive in 100 countries around the world.


The consequences of EHS non-compliance range in severity from damaged employee relations to civil lawsuits and fines. APTIM’s Steve Musser and cority’s Amanda Smith hosted this live, in-depth discussion about modern retail challenges in ensuring compliance and how to overcome them. They specifically discussed:

  • The role of EMIS in developing a mature environmental, health, and safety compliance program
  • Key considerations for successful EMIS implementation and prolonged success
  • Examples of how EMIS can be utilized to monitor programs such as waste, oil, and grease management

The APTIM Advantage

APTIM’s Compliance, Permitting, and Licensing team offers our clients fit-for-purpose, cost-effective solutions for reducing environmental impacts and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Learn about our capabilities to support your EHS goals for the commercial and industrial sectors. If you are particularly interested in managing your solid and hazardous waste as a retail company, check out our service offerings for solid waste services.

To learn more, contact our Client Relationship Director Steve Musser at

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