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BIL Breakdown: Setting Up Your Grants Management System

APTIM’s grants management system guides you step-by-step to fund risk mitigation and reduce vulnerabilities in your community.

Federal grant application development and management can be difficult to navigate. Understanding what grants to apply for, how to reduce vulnerabilities, how funding will reduce vulnerabilities in local communities, and how projects will allow for a return on investment is a struggle for state and local communities across America. That is why APTIM’s grants management experts created a complete grant application, development, and management process for state, local, and tribal governments.

This process, which we call Grants 360, can be used as a roadmap for funding available under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) in three primary areas—transportation, climate, and broadband. Two examples of funding areas in which APTIM has advanced clients are transportation and environmental, specifically focused on climate, energy, and water. We are also now embarking on assisting rural communities with advanced broadband connectivity.

APTIM's grants management system can be used as a roadmap for funding available under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) in three primary areas—transportation, climate, and broadband.

Public Transportation Grants

More than 45,000 bridge and 20% of US roadway miles across the country are rated as “poor condition.” The BIL presents a historic opportunity for repair. The law also authorizes a five-year extension on federal surface transportation programs and offers additional reinvestment opportunities for railways, public transit infrastructure, and transit system safety. APTIM’s team supported multiple states and municipalities to develop grants management systems, helping them take advantage of billions of dollars in funding for safer and more resilient transportation infrastructure.

Grants for Environmental Projects

  • Climate: Each year, Americans experience climate change through flooded homes, roads, and power outages. The BIL invests in resiliency of our infrastructure to climate change to protect communities against the impacts of droughts, heat, floods, wildfires, and other threats.
  • Energy: The BIL is also the largest investment in clean energy infrastructure in American history. Funding is available for clean and equitable infrastructure that promotes a modernized power grid; weatherized homes, schools, businesses, and communities; and cutting-edge clean energy technologies.
  • Water: Up to 10 million American households lack safe drinking water, and crumbling, inadequate wastewater infrastructure is a prevalent safety threat. The BIL funds the enhancement of drinking water and wastewater infrastructure to ensure clean drinking water for all American families and eliminate lead service lines.

APTIM’s team has experience managing BIL funds to support resilience and environmental solutions nationwide.

Government Funding for Rural Internet

Quality internet is a requirement for daily life in America. Equal access to opportunities in work, healthcare, and education necessitate an investment in broadband infrastructure. More than 30 million Americans, particularly in rural communities, are deprived of minimally acceptable speeds.

The BIL offers funding to ensure every American has access to reliable high-speed broadband infrastructure—at an affordable price. By lowering prices for internet service, the legislation aims to close the digital divide.

Let APTIM Guide Your Grant Management Process (Grants Management System)

For nearly 40 years, communities across the nation turned to APTIM experts to consult and construct their grants management system. Our detailed approach is based on expertise in:

  • Financial management associated with federal funds
  • Anticipation of federal documentation needs
  • Capturing multiple funding streams for clients’ priority needs
  • Making our clients more resilient

We are confident in our ability to assist our clients with managing the various funding streams, determining funding priorities, and minimizing delays when applying for funding. Learn more about our grants management system solutions and get in touch with a member of our team to get your program started.

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