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APTIM Coastal Science Employees Featured In WorkingNation’s “I Want That Job!”

WorkingNation, a nonprofit campaign working to bring the country together to create and amplify solutions for a changing economy, recently highlighted APTIM and The Water Institute of the Gulf in their video series "I Want That Job!".

For Louisiana and other areas in the Gulf South region of the United States, coastal science, restoration, and resilience are very important areas of work that require great minds and talented individuals who are committed to protecting and enhancing both the natural and built environment. Fortunately for APTIM, our Coastal, Ports, and Marine team is full of these extraordinary folks who in many cases, work alongside The Water Institute of the Gulf ensuring that Louisiana is using the latest technology and data collection measures to stay proactive against rising waters. Because of the high demand for jobs in this field, WorkingNation saw an opportunity to highlight certain careers that are often overlooked but have great growth potential.

I Want That Job: Geoscientist

I Want That Job! is a digital series highlighting interesting jobs across the country, each offering a promising career path for early-career workers of all education levels. WorkingNation tells you what it takes to get the jobs you want. The following article snippets and video were written and produced by WorkingNation on February 11, 2022 as part of their I Want That Job! video series. To read the original article, click here.

Native Louisianan Michael McGaw works as an engineering technician for APTIM in the Coastal Ports and Marines Division. APTIM is a global industry leader committed to accelerating the transition towards a clean and efficient energy economy in order to build a sustainable future for our communities and the natural world. “When I was given the opportunity to work in this environment, it was something I felt like I couldn’t say no to,” says McGaw, “I would do whatever I can to help preserve it.” Engineering technicians such as McGaw operate all the essential equipment required to collect field data that will ultimately help improve flood protection for coastal Louisiana.

Cody Bruhl works as a project manager for APTIM. “The geosciences have traditionally attracted people that are really into the outdoors and they choose this field because they think they want to have a career that relates to the way they grew up,” says Bruhl. “It’s much bigger than that. We are earth scientists, and so it’s about making a difference — and making lives better on Earth.” Project managers such as Bruhl are essential to ensuring that all members of a geoscience team, from engineering technicians to research associates, are collaborating to ensure that data informs science.

Watch the video to learn more about the work Michael, Cody, APTIM, and The Water Institute of the Gulf are doing to address Louisiana’s coastlines, marshes, and waterways.

APTIM’s Coastal Science and Engineering Team

APTIM’s work in Coastal Sciences and Engineering is made up of a multidisciplinary coastal engineering, restoration, and marine science team specializing in all aspects of beach nourishment, shoreline protection projects, coastal erosion control, marine mapping, as well as resiliency and sea level rise work for private clients and federal, state, and local governments.

To learn more about our work in this space, click here.

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