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APTCast | Episode 4 | The Sustainable Sport Index

Please enjoy APTCast, APTIM's podcast series which brings discussion and critical insight on key issues that affect the world around us, and highlights our teammates and the extraordinary work that we do.

Working to Benchmark Sustainability Efforts of Sports Venues Nationwide

On episode 4 of APTCAST, join APTIM experts as they discuss the second annual Sustainable Sport Index (SSI) survey and benchmarking report, a review that collects voluntary data from professional and collegiate sports venues to gauge sustainability efforts and also provides them with strategic recommendations to improve their operations. It covers energy, waste, water, transportation, and inclusive accommodations for fans and provides services for the venues that include a playbook on how to achieve an environmental footprint closer to ‘0’. The 59-page report presents a “state of the industry” and is available to the public at Monica Thilges, APTIM director of sustainability and energy solutions, is joined by Meredith McCurdy, SSI marketing strategy director, and Greg Coffman, APTIM senior vice president of environmental and energy solutions.


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More Than 3o Years of Environmental, Sustainability, and Energy Expertise

APTIM provides environmental services across governmentcommercial and industrial, and energy markets. We understand that your business is driven by both regulatory and economic forces. That is why we have designed our environmental organization to have the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs. By collaborating with your team, we approach complex projects with creativity and state-of-the-art science and engineering.

APTIM also offers comprehensive sustainability and energy solutions services. Our whole systems approach brings together best practices and innovation in the areas of energywaterwastecarbon, and supply chain. And for our utility DSM programs, we bring continuous innovation and cost effectiveness to our consistent delivery of energy savings on behalf of our clients.

The APTIM Advantage

  • Adaptable: We can support every level of an organization, from a single facility to an entire enterprise and its supply chain.
  • Collaborative: Our approach combines innovation, technology, and best practices to deliver unsurpassed outcomes for clients. Working together, we will assess clients’ operations to better understand their unique challenges and respond with fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solutions.
  • Custom Solutions: We tailor our services to our clients’ unique needs, ensuring goal achievement for their businesses, communities, and the environment.
  • Whole Systems Sustainability: We work with clients to identify opportunities and solutions by looking at the entire system, not individual operations. The result are programs that save resources, inspire innovations, and benefit the whole organization.

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