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Site Assessment & Remediation

The Site Assessment and Remedial Services line supports our clients by first identifying potential environmental impacts through a Phase I and/or environmental site assessment process and then, if necessary, providing the knowledge and experience to reduce or eliminate the impact or potential risk to human health or the environment. The services we provide our clients primarily consist of the following:   

  • Due diligence Phase I investigations, asbestos and lead-based paint surveys, and water supply identification 
  • Site assessment activities, including drilling and well installation; collection of soil, water and soil gas samples; interpretation and modeling of these data; and risk assessments 
  • Remediation alternatives evaluations and implementation including pilot- and bench-scale tests for a variety of mechanical and biological technologies, system design, O&M and other routes of closure when appropriate, such as administrative/engineering controls and environmental covenants 
  • Environmental emergency response services for chemical or petroleum releases through our 1-800 number which is answered 24/7/365.