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Large Policy Management

APTIM's team of federal policy and compliance experts partner with state and local governments to simplify complex and rapidly changing federal regulations so clients can effectively access funding, maintain compliance, and successfully deliver critical infrastructure and community programs.

Implementing federally funded programs for critical infrastructure, emergency management, and the environment (climate change and resiliency) can be a struggle when trying to comply with complex and rapidly changing federal regulations, reporting requirements, and performance measures. The administrative and financial burden of complying with federal policies strains limited state and local resources and personnel, which creates challenges for effective and timely program delivery.

State and local governments must also coordinate their activities across multiple agencies and jurisdictions to successfully carry out federal initiatives, which is difficult given varying local needs, priorities, and capacities.

Navigating and Interpreting Complex Federal Policies Made Simple

At APTIM, our team of federal policy, program management, and grants compliance experts closely monitor federal policy and legislation across all relevant sectors. We have the foundational knowledge and skills to guide the development and implementation essential activities throughout the life cycle of all different types of large government policy programs. We bring a systems approach to managing cost/schedule/technical specifications in order to strategically align policies to the organizational strategies and goals of our clients.

With vast experience managing federally funded initiatives through the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Energy, and Department of Agriculture, we simplify compliance and help state and local agencies:

  • Track policy changes and new reporting requirements/performance measures
  • Maintain compliance with regulations
  • Coordinate activities across multiple jurisdictions
  • Administer grants and rebate programs to maximize funding opportunities and equity
  • Develop long-term plans/strategies to implement federal programs

Our customized solutions empower state, and local clients to navigate Federal policies with confidence. APTIM partners with you to:

  • Accurately interpret legislation and regulatory standards
  • Create policy and implementation roadmaps
  • Handle complex recordkeeping and reporting requirements
  • Monitor policy shifts and overarching trends
  • Maintain compliance as regulations change
  • Access federal funding and partnership opportunities

Don’t let shifting federal policies overwhelm limited state and local resources. With APTIM as your large policy management partner, you can make informed decisions to bridge the gap between policies, regulations, and internal procedures to remain focused on serving your communities and enhancing critical infrastructure.


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