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ICYMI: Our Webinar on ESG Reporting, Zero Waste, & Clean Energy for Hospitality

Learn more about the possibility of a more sustainable future for hospitality in this three-part webinar series, created in collaboration with Green Key Global.

Christian is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) who proudly guides the hospitality community toward clean and sustainable goals. He is an environmental advocate and passionate about all things hotel, resorts, and restaurants. Leaders in hospitality know that reducing their business’ carbon footprint is important. While embracing energy efficiency and conservation help to reduce overall energy demand, renewable energy programs are needed to reduce the impact of mandatory energy expenditures. But making the switch to renewables is not an intuitive feat. If you are struggling to make your hotel business more sustainable, here are five ways you can save money, drive sales, and retain guests with renewable energy programs.THIS WEEK’S CONTRIBUTOR:
Christian Dettman, CHA | Hospitality Client Manager
APTIM | Environment and Sustainability
Christian is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) who proudly guides the hospitality community toward clean and sustainable goals. He is an environmental advocate and passionate about all things hotel, resorts, and restaurants. Learn more about Christian here.



Green Key Global (GKG) is an international certifying body that works with 1,600 hotels worldwide to rate their sustainability programs in an effort to increase their occupancy, save them money, and reduce carbon footprints. Together, we explored the sustainability and energy challenges facing the industry, specifically in the fields of waste, water, and energy. Not only did we pinpoint current barriers for hoteliers and other industry professionals, but we also provided steppingstones to benchmark and solve them.

ESG Reporting in Hospitality

Seventy percent of travelers believe that action needs to be taken now toward more sustainable choices in their accommodations. Because of that, every boardroom in the hospitality industry across America is discussing how to incorporate the critical topic of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) into their annual planning and operations. In this presentation, we cover:

  • The importance of ESG in hospitality
  • The fundamentals of an annual ESG report
  • Current standard practices based on industry benchmarking
  • Best practices to move forward on a positive impact journey

APTIM’s thorough assessments synthesize waste, water, and energy consumed by operations. After collecting this valuable data, we work with you to plan, manage, and hopefully minimize environmental impact as well as negative social impacts. Visit our ESG solutions page, which highlights our comprehensive sustainability and planning services and empowers our clients to deeply understand and take action on their company footprint.

Zero Waste in Hospitality

Eighty-one percent of people want to reduce their waste production while traveling. As consumer demand for change grows in this area, it is imperative for companies to respond and take action to avoid losing their loyal customers who care about sustainability. This webinar covers:

  • The importance of waste reduction on hospitality
  • Trends in waste production and management within the industry
  • Strategies and certifications to accelerate waste minimization

At APTIM, our team is composed of engineering, waste management, compliance, and sustainability professionals with credentials and certifications to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and create customized waste solutions. Visit our waste minimization page, which highlights our waste characterization, engineering, program development, and compliance services for our commercial partners.

Clean Energy for Hospitality

Seventy-eight percent of travelers want to reduce their energy consumption. Solar roof arrays and parking canopies, wind power, and battery storage are just a few of the energy efficiency efforts taking the hospitality industry by storm in response to this prominent customer demand. In today’s day and age, clean energy is becoming a clear economic and environmental advantage in the hospitality industry. This webinar covers:

  • Demystification of the high costs of energy efficient upgrades
  • Energy reduction trends within the industry
  • Steps and best practices for hoteliers to reduce energy costs
  • Relevance of rapidly changing electric vehicle charging infrastructure for hospitality

APTIM’s Energy Solutions team offers our partners the expertise needed to navigate strategic priorities and the bench depth required to execute them. Visit our energy efficiency solutions and electric vehicles infrastructure pages, which highlight our energy storage, demand response, solar photovoltaic, microgrid, and other energy solutions.

The APTIM Advantage

At APTIM, the way we behave as a company is inseparable from the way that we serve our communities and clients. We strive to contribute to a more sustainable future by minimizing our impact on the natural world—and we want to help you do the same. Visit our corporate ESG page, which highlights our 2021 ESG Report, our sustainability commitments, and how we plan to govern them.

If you would like to learn more about how APTIM can contribute to your clean ESG, clean waste, and energy journeys, contact our Client Relationship Manager Christian Dettman at

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